2021 holiday essentials

Les essentiels des vacances 2021

Once you have chosen your vacation spot, reserved the last available hotel rooms in the region, booked your plane tickets, train tickets or your rental car, there still remains a major mission to accomplish: that of packing your suitcase. Whatever the duration of your trip, not forgetting anything requires methodical and careful organization - it is therefore common to realize that you have left an essential accessory at home once you arrive at your destination. With the summer holidays dawning, we have therefore put together a list of holiday essentials to slip into your suitcase before leaving.


Except in exceptional cases, summer (necessarily) rhymes with radiant sunshine and therefore means not forgetting your sunglasses. And it is just as important to choose them well! Between an aviator model , a pair of retro sunglasses or original glasses in an oversized version , each of these models will offer you unstoppable sun protection and will not fail to establish themselves as a beach essential.



Another essential to protect yourself from the sun in style is the hat, which comes in all shapes (and in many colors)! From then on, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best among our favorite summer options... Your choice, therefore, is a bright yellow cap , a casual red bucket hat or even a sober and elegant fedora .


In addition to your favorite handbag, why not opt ​​for a tote bag? Practical, robust and ecological, it will accompany you during each of your trips to the beach, on hikes or during your trips to the city - and will house your water bottles, sets of keys or other summer essentials... Among our models favorites, a summer bag that makes you want to go on a road trip , a cotton tote bag with a lemon print or a model stamped with the message “Life is beautiful” . And because all these models are reusable, we bet that they will accompany you well beyond the holidays...


Entertaining children on vacation is an art! This is why we have designed themed kits, including a notebook, a snack box, a water bottle, an original bag or a pencil, which will allow you to improvise activities as a family. All you have to do is give free rein to your child's imagination, who will be able to choose between several colorful kits .


How to make your vacation truly unforgettable? In addition to photos, it can be interesting to write down your memories on paper, like a logbook. This travel notebook kit will allow you to plan your stay, record physical souvenirs such as museum entrance tickets or business cards, or even write down your impressions. Nice summer !