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Stickers pour Enfants

Stickers for Children

Are you looking for an original way to decorate a child's bedroom? With Draeger brand children's stickers, personalizing your room becomes child's play. Walls, windows and mirrors that tell a story...the bedroom becomes a real area to explore! Find in this selection Disney stickers, slate stickers, alphabet and number wall stickers, baby room stickers, 3d stickers... Decorative stickers allow girls and boys to express their tastes and personalities. Children's stickers also develop their imagination and stimulate their creativity in a joyful and creative interior, especially with slate stickers. It’s an opportunity to learn while having fun.

Description of the collection

Create a wonderful world in your children's bedroom. For the girl's room, start by imagining an enchanted forest where the Little Red Riding Hood stickers surrounded by tree stickers meet. The enchanted forest is inhabited by many animals: the cat and owl wall sticker, the rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland wall sticker. The forest surrounds the fairy tale wall sticker where the 4 Disney princesses stickers live. Develop this idea with boy's bedroom stickers and replace the princesses with heroes such as Batman stickers or Superman stickers who fly above the forest or even with pirate wall stickers according to your preferences. Baby room stickers also allow you to create this inspiration with tree stickers in pastel colors and mushroom stickers. Place the blue bear wall sticker in the center of the forest. Discover a selection of baby bedroom wall stickers that gain height such as the reverie wall sticker or the cloud & nature wall sticker. Children's window stickers complete the universe created on the walls with mainly Disney heroes and princesses stickers. These children's window stickers can also be placed on mirrors in the children's bathroom. Children's vitrostatics are also designed to be stuck to bathroom shower walls. When your little ones grow up, the decoration of their room will also evolve. Rest assured, we have thought of teen bedroom stickers. These teenage bedroom stickers are sure to please them because they are representative of their favorite activities such as music with pop rock quote wall stickers or even escapism with quote stickers from their favorite cities.