1001 gift ideas to say thank you

1001 idées cadeaux pour dire merci

This special period, which falls between the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation, often involves the purchase of thank you gifts. Whether it is saying “thank you” to a teacher, a professor, a nanny or even a work colleague, it is fashionable to think about personalized attention. To help you make your choice, we have compiled a selection of gift ideas that will suit all occasions (and all recipients).


Saying thank you in one gesture is possible thanks to a little personalized note. And what better support than a thank you card? These 3D pop-up cards representing balloons or adorable school supplies will be perfect for saying “thank you” to your child's teacher: a perfect way to celebrate the start of the summer holidays in style! Another equally delicate option is to opt for a floral thank you card , as poetic as you wish. In any case, don't forget to add a personalized word, which will make all the difference.



Showing gratitude can also mean offering an object that the recipient will use every day. You can thank a caring and educational teacher with an original mug stamped with the message “ Super teacher ”, who will never leave him during his coffee break. The same goes for your “ Super Nanny ”, who can only appreciate this elegant engraved pen adorned with a personalized word… Another possibility, offer an object bearing a simple “Thank you”, which can be used for more occasions. Among our favorites, this graphic mug or this pen mixing gold and pastel shades .


If it could be a nod to a teacher or a schoolteacher, offering a notebook will be just as useful to one of your colleagues whom you particularly want to thank. To mark the occasion, do not hesitate to bet on a unique model of its kind: this notepad can thus serve its recipient as a notebook, a notebook of thoughts or a travel notebook (an additional reason to offer on the eve of the summer holidays). As for this “Bullet journal” style notebook , it is a personal development tool that will accompany its recipient on a daily basis.


A personal gift if there ever was one, a piece of jewelry is sure to please someone close to you. If you don't know their tastes, you can always opt for simplicity: a personalized medallion bearing their initial or a bracelet representing a clover are all possibilities to please.