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Gift ideas for children

With our wide selection of children's essentials, you will find what you are looking for among our range of children's stationery: notebooks, pencils, pens, cases. Select a children's notebook created by our creation studio, a notebook creative in its use and a personalized notebook with a message. Also discover our selection of children's accessories: backpacks, cups and water bottles, snack boxes, first name key rings... These product ranges will make all little sportsmen, adventurers, artists and superheroes happy!

Description of the collection

With our vast selection of children's essentials, you are sure to find something your child will love among our range of stationery specially designed for the youngest. We offer a variety of notebooks, pencils, pens and kits that will meet all of your child's needs.

You can choose from our children's notebooks created by our creative studio, each with their own style and captivating illustrations. Whether your child loves pirates, princesses, superheroes or cute animals, we have a notebook they are sure to enjoy. Some of our workbooks are also designed to encourage your child's creativity, with pages to color, cut out and personalize.

We also offer personalized notebooks with a special message, making them a thoughtful and unique gift. Your child will love seeing their name on their notebook, which will make it even more special.

In addition to our stationery, discover our selection of children's accessories, including backpacks, cups and water bottles, snack boxes and personalized key rings. These product ranges are designed to make all little athletes, adventurers, artists and budding superheroes happy.

At Draeger, we believe that every child is unique, and we strive to offer a diverse range of products to meet their personalities and interests. Our children's stationery and accessories are designed to spark their imagination, encourage their creativity and make their day even more special. So, explore our collection and find the perfect essentials to accompany your child on their daily adventures.