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Snack boxes

Discover the snack boxes created by Draeger for children. These snack boxes (also called lunch boxes) have a colorful design and are personalized with cute animals and endearing messages.
Find the ideal snack box for your child's meal, its size is perfect to contain a good snack to enjoy during recess or during a school outing.

Description of the collection

Discover the charming snack boxes designed by Draeger for children. Our snack boxes, also called lunch boxes, feature a colorful design and are decorated with adorable animals and tender messages.

Finding the perfect snack box for your child's meal is child's play. Their size is perfectly suited to contain a delicious snack to enjoy during recess or during a school trip. For greater practicality, we also offer matching water bottles and backpacks, available on our site. You have the choice between a snack box featuring your child's favorite character or an original creation mixing different animals and colors for an even more fun snack.

Our snack boxes are sure to become your child's favorite mealtime companions. At Draeger, we believe that every moment of everyday life can be a source of joy and personal expression. This is why we have created these lunch boxes with care, combining style, practicality and conviviality.

Opt for a snack box that reflects your child's personality and adds a touch of cheerfulness to their meals. With Draeger, every bite becomes an adventure, every meal an opportunity to express yourself, and every snack a moment of pleasure. Discover our collection and find the perfect snack box to accompany your child throughout their days filled with discoveries and delights.