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Porte-clés & Sacs à dos enfants

Children's key rings & backpacks

Draeger offers key rings with messages for children: Super Girlfriend, Little Pirate, Big Sister… decorated with their favorite animals! They are also available with girls' names and boys' names so that each child has their own personalized key ring. As pretty as it is practical, little girls and boys will enjoy hanging it on their set of keys, their backpack, their water bottle or their pencil case.

Description of the collection

Draeger offers you a selection of message keyrings specially designed for children. These keychains feature messages like “Great Girlfriend,” “Little Pirate,” “Big Sister,” and are decorated with their favorite animals. Plus, they are available with names for girls and boys, ensuring that every child can have their own personalized keychain.

These keychains are both charming and practical, making them perfect for little girls and boys. They can be hung on their set of keys, their backpack, their water bottle or even their pencil case. These key rings will add a touch of originality and personality to their belongings.

In addition to our key rings, also discover our collection of children's backpacks. These backpacks are designed to accompany children in all their activities. They can be used as a backpack to carry their snack, as a gym bag or even for school trips. Thanks to these cute and colorful cotton bags, your child will be able to easily find their belongings and keep them close at hand.

At Draeger, we understand the importance of customization and practicality for children. That's why our collection of message keychains and backpacks is carefully designed to meet their needs and tastes. Give your child unique accessories that reflect their personality and make their daily life easier. With Draeger, every day becomes an opportunity to express yourself and organize yourself in style. So, explore our collection and find the perfect accessories for your child today.