4 façons originales de porter son tour de cou

In fact, the first chokers appeared in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. Egyptian women made this type of jewelry with gold and precious stones, believed to be imbued with protective powers. The neck scarf was adopted a few centuries later by the English royal family as a sign of nobility.  

Today, the choker is an essential accessory in women's fashion, both for its comfort and for the elegance it brings to your clothing style. All the major luxury houses have adopted it, including Draeger. This small, timeless fashion accessory can be worn in different ways: tied around the neck or to your bag, attached to the wrist or on the head as a headband... depending on the occasion and your desires!  

4 original ways to wear
his neckline


To personalize your bag  
There are a thousand and one ways to wear your choker.
Why not take the opportunity to personalize your leather bag? Simply tie it to the handle of your bag which will bring an original and sophisticated touch to your looks. From March 13 to April 1 , 2023 inclusive , for any purchase of a leather bag, the neck strap of your choice is offered to you ! 
For a bohemian hairstyle  
The choker in the hair is a wonderful way to enhance a hairstyle for a special occasion. If you want to make a pretty bun or a pretty braid for a wedding or a baptism , you can easily integrate your choker into your hairstyle to create a bohemian and romantic look.
This pretty red and black patterned choker will perfectly bring out brown hair . For lighter hair, opt for pastel colors , like this pretty blue, gray and pink striped choker !  
To add a colorful touch  
Wearing the choker as a fashion accessory is also a way to add color to your outfits. You can absolutely use your choker as a belt when you wear a monochrome black or white outfit. To do this, simply slip your choker through the loops of your pants or skirt and tie it nicely on the front. On a black outfit , this ecru choker will enhance your silhouette . For a white outfit , you can opt for this royal blue choker!  
To enhance your wrists
The choker can also be used as jewelry to enhance your wrists. Our neck scarves are thin enough to be delicately tied to the wrist and perfectly accessorize your outfits!  Now it's up to you to adopt the choker of your choice and use your imagination to accessorize your outfits!