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Papier unitaire

Single paper

Discover now our large selection of creative papers sold individually. Quality papers in various colors and patterns that we recommend you use for your Do It Yourself projects: scrapbooking photo albums, making announcements, personalizing notebooks or even customizing decorative elements.

Description of the collection

Dive into our vast selection of creative papers sold individually and discover a myriad of possibilities for your DIY projects. These quality papers offer a variety of colors and patterns, making them the ideal choice for bringing your creative ideas to life, whether creating a scrapbook photo album, designing personalized invitations, personalizing notebooks or further embellish decorative elements.

We provide you with standard and adhesive unit papers, so that each manual project can take shape. Whether you fall for the rustic charm of gold polka dot kraft paper, the delicacy of pink, the depth of indigo blue, or the sparkle of glittery adhesive paper, the choice is yours.

These premium sheets of paper are a blank canvas ready for your creativity. You can use them as is or cut them into the shape you want. Whatever your approach, the end result will always be spectacular and original. You can cut them, glue them, assemble them, staple them, fold them... in other words, use them as you wish for all your DIY creations.

With Draeger, every sheet of paper becomes an opportunity to create something unique and personal. Whether you're a DIY novice or expert, our creative papers are an essential ingredient for transforming your projects into true works of art. So, choose the paper that matches your inspiration, unleash your creativity and get ready to bring exceptional creations to life. With our creative papers, the possibilities are endless, and every project becomes an exciting adventure.