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Put your creative ideas on paper with our selection of scrapbooking albums. Find the one that suits you according to size, color or occasion. Decorate it with decorative papers with our assortments of printed sheets. For even more fantasy, choose your rolls of masking tapes with your favorite design: flowers, exotic, cats, llamas, cacti...

To complete your decoration, use our stamps, stickers and chipboards to illustrate your ideas and give them depth with ideal themes to decorate your travel media, weekend in the countryside, lifestyle, etc.

Description of the collection

Express your creativity without limits with our selection of scrapbooking albums, designed to capture your most inspiring ideas on paper. Whether you are looking for the perfect size, the ideal color or want to celebrate a special occasion, you will find the album that meets your needs with us.

But the creative adventure does not stop there. We invite you to explore our decorative paper collection, featuring a variety of printed sheet assortments. These papers add a touch of charm and character to every page of your album, transforming your memories into true works of art.

And for even more fantasy, dive into our selection of masking tape rolls with varied designs: from floral patterns to exotic decorations, from adorable cats to peaceful llamas, including cacti, each of these rolls adds a note of originality to your creations.

To complete your decoration and bring your ideas to life, explore our range of stamps, stickers and chipboards. These elements will allow you to illustrate your thoughts and give them depth. With perfect themes to enhance your travel materials, your countryside getaways, or to reflect your lifestyle, each project becomes an artistic expression in its own right.

Whether you are a beginner with a passion for scrapbooking or an expert looking for new creative challenges, our selection of albums and accessories offers you the opportunity to tell your story in a unique and memorable way. Each page becomes a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a work that reflects your personality and your adventures.

So, dive into our collection, let your creative ideas flow, and get ready to capture life's precious moments in an artistic and personalized way. With Draeger, each page becomes a creative adventure, and each album tells a story that is unique to you.