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Gourdes pour enfants

Water bottles for children

Discover our collection of water bottles with funny animals that accompany children's breakfasts and snacks. Find characters for girls and boys: Pirate, Princess, Dancer, Skater... The water bottles are personalized with a little personalized message, it's up to you to find the one that will please a child around you! It is also a popular gift for little friends during birthday parties.

Description of the collection

Explore our collection of water bottles decorated with funny animals that will bring a touch of fantasy to your children's breakfasts and snacks. These water bottles are decorated with characters suitable for both girls and boys, with choices such as Pirate, Princess, Dancer, Skater, and many more.

Each of our bottles can be personalized with a special message, allowing you to find one that will make a child around you smile. Offering a personalized water bottle is also a thoughtful and appreciated gesture during birthday parties or for any other special occasion.

Our water bottles are not only fun and original, but they are also practical for keeping your children's drinks close at hand during their daily activities. Whether at school, during outdoor outings, or even at home, our water bottles will quickly become your children's favorite companions.

At Draeger, we believe that small details can make a big difference in children's lives. That's why we've carefully designed this collection of water bottles to combine style and functionality. Give your child a water bottle that will allow them to hydrate with style and personality. With Draeger, every sip becomes an adventure and each bottle becomes a miniature work of art. So, explore our collection and find the perfect water bottle for the little adventurer in your life.