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Stickers et embellissements

Stickers and embellishments

Discover without delay our collection of stickers with illustrations and colors, each more varied than the last. Personalize and customize a multitude of supports (from diaries to storage boxes, including your bullet journals, your decorative accessories or even your diaries and other course binders) using these sticky stickers.

Description of the collection

Immerse yourself in the infinitely creative world of our sticker collection, where illustrations and colors compete in diversity. Discover without further delay these adorable stickers which allow you to personalize and customize a multitude of supports, from your diaries to storage boxes, including your bullet journals, your decorative accessories, your diaries or even your course binders. Everything becomes a blank canvas just waiting for your personal touch.

The beauty of these stickers lies in their ease of use. You don't need to be an accomplished artist to implement your ideas and create objects or stationery that suit you. On the contrary, these stickers have been designed to make personalizing your Do It Yourself projects quick and easy. In just a few seconds, you can transform the ordinary into extraordinary, and achieve a result that represents you 100%.

Our range of stickers is as varied as your imagination. Choose from stickers of adorable animals, family members, inspiring positive thoughts, or even country and bucolic illustrations. Whatever your style or your passions, you will certainly find stickers that suit you.

With these little treasures, each object becomes a work of art, each page a masterpiece, and each project a reflection of your personality. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to add a touch of fun to your school stuff, spruce up your workspaces, or simply spread some joy around you.

So, give free rein to your creativity, choose your favorite stickers, and transform each support into a unique piece that suits you. With Draeger, the art of personalizing your daily life becomes child's play. Each sticker is an invitation to create, to express yourself, and to share your universe with the world.