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Card making

Find here greeting cards for all occasions that will please your loved ones and friends, young people and adults: Mother's Day card, Father's Day card, birthday card , wedding cards, congratulations card, birth card...
Created in Paris within the Draeger studio, our cards are printed in our certified factories. To preserve our beautiful planet, we use vegetable inks and FSC ® certified paper that comes from responsibly managed forests. Our cards are almost all sold without cellophane in order to avoid single-use plastics.

Description of the collection

Welcome to our collection of greeting cards, specially designed for all of life's special occasions. Whether to express your birthday wishes, wedding wishes, congratulations, birth wishes, or simply to celebrate Mother's or Father's Day, our diverse selection of cards will delight your loved ones, from young people to adults.

Our greeting cards are the fruit of the creativity of our Draeger studio in Paris. Printed in our certified factories, they reflect our commitment to quality and the environment. We use plant-based inks that respect the planet and FSC® certified paper, from responsibly managed forests.

At Draeger, we are committed to preserving our beautiful planet. That's why most of our cards are sold without cellophane, helping to reduce single-use plastic waste. Choosing our cards also means choosing environmentally friendly products.

Our collection of greeting cards offers a wide variety of styles, from elegant to cheerful. Whatever event you want to celebrate, our cards are designed to express your feelings with creativity and beauty.

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a birth, or simply send your best wishes, our cards are suitable for all occasions. Make every moment special by choosing a card that will touch the hearts of those you love.

Our greeting cards are more than just pieces of paper. They are imbued with emotions, feelings and commitment to our planet. Choosing a Draeger card means choosing to share your wishes in a meaningful way.

May each card you send become a work of art and a declaration of love, joy and kindness. Explore our collection of greeting cards and find the perfect card for every special moment in your life.