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Pochettes téléphone

Women's phone pouches

Find all our phone pouches! A very trendy accessory that allows you to carry only the essentials: smartphone, bank card, a few notes... Our pouches allow you to keep your hands free while keeping your hands free.

Also discover our women's bags , which will allow you to elevate your style with elegance.

Description of the collection

Discover our collection of phone pouches, the essential accessory for those who want to travel light while having the essentials close at hand. Whether you opt for a suede or grained leather model, our range of colors is vast, from classic black, camel and beige to pop shades like royal blue, green and mustard yellow.

Our phone pouches are designed to simplify your daily life. They offer clever storage space for your smartphone, your bank card, and a few notes, all in a compact format. No need to carry bulky bags; our phone pouches allow you to go hands-free while staying organized.

Fashion shouldn't sacrifice functionality, and our phone pouches are proof. Whatever your personal style, we have a clutch to suit you. Whether you're looking for a classic look with an understated suede leather clutch or want to inject a pop of color with our pop hues, our collection offers you a variety of choices to express your individuality.

Our phone pouches are more than practical storage accessories; they are fashion statements in their own right. They embody elegant practicality, sophisticated simplicity and freedom of movement. Whether you use them every day or on special outings, our phone pouches deliver effortless style.

At Draeger, we believe in the marriage of style and functionality. Our phone pouches are designed to meet your needs while reflecting your sense of style. Explore our collection and discover how this versatile accessory can transform your everyday experience into a statement of stylish practicality. Join us on this adventure and find the phone pouch that perfectly fits your active lifestyle.