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Trousses et fournitures

Kits and supplies

Draeger Paris presents its collection of children's pencil cases, pencils, rulers and erasers.

Stationery accessories illustrated with Team Kids characters: princess, pirate, superhero, tiger, kitten, with these little colorful characters and animals, learning becomes child's play! Choose the kit size best suited to your little girl or boy's activities: small, large or maxi size.

Description of the collection

Draeger Paris invites you to discover its collection of pencil cases, pencils, rulers and erasers specially designed for children.

Our stationery accessories are illustrated with the adorable Team Kids characters: princesses, pirates, superheroes, tigers, kittens, and many more. With these colorful little characters and animals, learning becomes child's play! Choosing school supplies becomes a fun and exciting time for your little girl or boy.

We offer a variety of kit formats to adapt to your child's activities, whether in class or at home. Whether you prefer a small kit, a larger kit, or even a maxi kit, we have what you need to organize your child's supplies in a practical and fun way.

At Draeger, we believe that school supplies can be both functional and fun. Our stationery accessories are designed to stimulate your child's imagination and encourage creativity while making learning easier. Thanks to our illustrated school kits and supplies, every school day becomes an adventure in its own right.

Opt for our Team Kids kits, pencils, rulers and erasers and offer your child learning tools that reflect their personality and interests. With Draeger Paris, school becomes a place where learning mixes with pleasure, where lessons become stories and where homework becomes games. Our collection is an invitation to discovery, exploration and development for your child. So, choose the stationery accessories that he likes the most, and get ready to experience a school year full of creativity and success.