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Pochettes et miroirs

Pouches and mirrors

Your beauty essentials and small everyday items within reach! The beauty kits from the Pastel Chic Draeger collection with their personalized messages and prints full of humor and tenderness will please your sister, your mother, your grandmother or a dear friend. Let yourself be seduced by our matching clutch & mirror set which fits easily into any bag and allows you to stay stylish all day long. Want to bring a little sunshine into your daily life? Fall for our cotton storage pouches with their embroidered patterns: toucans, lemons, cherries, Monstera. It's an endearing gift with pop colors that is sure to please!

Description of the collection

Discover the simplicity of refinement and utility with our beauty kits, part of the Pastel Chic Draeger collection. With their personalized messages and their designs full of humor and tenderness, they are the ideal gift for your sister, your mother, your grandmother or a dear friend.

Imagine a beauty kit that fits easily into any handbag, a matching clutch and mirror that keeps you looking stylish all day long. It's much more than just a set, it's a declaration of love for those you cherish. Every time they open their purse, they will discover this precious treasure, reminding you of your affection and care.

And if you want to add a touch of sunshine to your daily life, our cotton storage pouches with their embroidered designs are the answer. Whether it's exotic toucans, refreshing lemons, gourmet cherries or tropical Monstera leaves, these designs brighten up every day. Gifting one of these pouches is like sending a ray of sunshine to someone you love, an explosion of pop colors that are sure to please.

Our beauty kits and pouches are much more than just everyday items. They are life companions, constant reminders of the love and friendship that unites you with your loved ones. Whether it's for a birthday, special occasion or just to say "I love you", our personalized kits and pouches are the perfect way to convey your feelings.

So let yourself be seduced by our collection, where beauty meets emotion and practicality. Offer your loved ones beauty essentials and small everyday objects that will accompany them with tenderness, day after day. Every moment becomes an opportunity to show how much they mean to you.