Valentine's Day: show him all your love

Saint-Valentin : témoignez-lui tout votre amour

Like every year, the month of February rhymes with “Valentine's Day” and brings its share of questions for those who wish to offer a more unexpected gift than a bouquet of flowers to their other half. So, what to choose to express your feelings with originality? We have unearthed five ideas that are sure to please.


Outdated, the greeting card? On the contrary ! With the omnipresence of text messages, emails and other messages sent quickly on social networks, there is no substitute for sweet words on paper. Surpass yourself to bring out your poetic side, write a confidence, a testimony imbued with sweetness or a word of love... In all cases, you can take advantage of supports right in the theme: a card adorned with a “ I 'like ' or the word ' Love ', another representing a heart-shaped puzzle or a surprising 3D pop-up .


All occasions are good to give a piece of jewelry, and Valentine's Day is obviously one of them. Delight yourself by opting for elegant and timeless pieces, like this bangle adorned with a solitaire , a rhinestone bracelet or a delicate ring , all gold plated. Another option, a necklace with two intertwined hearts , ideal for declaring your love.


Whether your Valentine is teleworking or not, why not help them expand their collection of mugs while offering them a nice proof of love? Opt for a personalized mug that he or she can use throughout the day, at the office or at home. This graphic striped model or this black and gold version , both adorned with an “I love you” will be perfect for making your statement. The same goes for this “ Proof of love ” cup, whose little hearts will convey the message…


For a truly unique touch, focus on personalization! Good news, you can now find a large number of objects with strong romantic gift potential, which may or may not carry messages. Among our favorites, this chic pastel wallet embroidered with “ I love you ”, this ultra-practical “ Love ” pocket mirror, this elegant pen adorned with “ I love you ” or, more sober , this adorable heart-shaped plush keyring . So many pieces that will become indispensable in the eyes of their recipient.


What's more personal than a well-chosen fashion accessory? Because there is nothing like welcoming new pieces into your wardrobe, take advantage of the opportunity to offer a timeless creation, one that you keep for many years. This printed stole with a contemporary canvas feel will appeal to color lovers, as will these wool gloves available in a vibrant red color. For gentlemen, opt for sophisticated cufflinks or a bow tie which will delight dandies who love a British style. So, which Valentine’s Day gift will be yours?