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The most secret diaries

Les journaux intimes les plus secrets

For a long time the best way to remember, understand and free oneself has been to write. Hidden between books, mattresses or in plain sight, it contains our most beautiful moments, our first sorrows, our friendships and our desires: focus on the diary!



The notebook of secrets from our childhood is often the first journal in which we recount the experiences of our lives. Our first love, the first date, the last heartbreak or even the last purchase. It allows us once we reach adulthood, by coming across it again by chance, to remember our secrets from yesteryear, to laugh, but above all to rediscover ourselves.



Children and adolescents will appreciate being able to recount their days, vacations or return to school. There they will find a way to create a new space of private freedom or to write their first biography. The cocooning panda notebook will contain the secrets of the most timid while the llama notebook will give way to the secrets of the most creative. The magical unicorn journal will be perfect for the biggest dreamers.


The cocooning diaries and their completely blank pages will allow the little ones to tell stories in magical drawings while the older ones write there with their most beautiful pen. They will thus benefit from a moment of calm and return to themselves. The top secret journal will be perfect for the most discreet and the plain pink journal will accompany those looking for softness.

To go further, we advise you to accompany these moments of writing with personalized pens, with sweet messages or first names . The best gifts for young and old writers!