Father's Day 2022: find an original gift

Fête des Pères 2022 : trouvez un cadeau original

Father's Day is fast approaching and you want to give him something other than a classic gift? You're in luck, we've put together some ideas that will change the traditional box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers combo. From personalized greeting cards to fashion accessories, all you have to do is make your choice to surprise your dad on June 19...

A piece of leather goods

In addition to enhancing an outfit, bags have an undeniable practical side... As a result, a well-chosen model will accompany your father all year round. Among our essentials, we find a mix of a khaki cotton backpack , a men's computer bag in an elegant camel color or a fanny pack into which this discreet zipped card holder can slip. Trendy accessories for confident style!

A greeting card

Are you a fan of little words? Don't hesitate to opt for a pretty card, which will be more striking than a simple handwritten letter. You can therefore opt for a “ Happy Father’s Day ” or “ Happy Father’s Day ” model, specially designed for the occasion. Another option, a “ Number one dad ” or “ Perfect dad ” graphic card: write a sweet word on it and that’s it.

An office essential

If your father is a fan of teleworking or goes to the office every day, bet on stationery! This notebook or project notebook will allow him to try his hand at writing or to have top-notch organization, in addition to being perfectly suited to tight budgets. Another possibility is to choose a personalized gift like this message pen , or even a recipe kit so that he can easily indulge in his favorite activity.

A fashion accessory

Did your father always have a neat style? It's time to give him an accessory that he won't be able to do without... In addition to being an essential for the modern man, the hat is one of the timeless gifts. So bet on this classic aupe trilby decorated with a black ribbon, this pine green docker hat or this cream cap with a vintage look. And if he's not used to wearing a hat, we bet that this colorful stole will have a great effect.

A personalized decorative object

Among the touches that are sure to please, head for personalized objects! Alternately carrying fiery messages like this “ I love you ” candle or a humorous note, like these “ Daddy hen ” or “ Mr. I know everything ” mugs, these gifts can decorate your apartment as well as their office (and thus risk becoming the center of attention during the coffee break…). You can also choose this “ Papa cool ” scented candle, which will fill your interior with its delicious scent of citrus notes…