Draeger Paris signs L’Autre Cercle’s LGBT+ commitment charter

Draeger Paris signe la charte d’engagement LGBT+ de L’Autre Cercle

This year again, Draeger Paris continues its commitment to the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people and campaigns against all forms of discrimination against the community. To do this, the company signed the L'Autre Cercle charter on April 4, 2022, during its national convention. This reference association campaigns for the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people in the professional world.

“Our ambition at L'Autre Cercle is that LGBTIQ+ people are distinguished for their skills and no longer discriminated against for their differences, and that they feel free to be themselves at work. » declares Denis Triay, President of the National Federation of L’Autre Cercle .

As a signatory of this charter, Draeger Paris will work to implement a certain number of measures, in particular:

  • Create an inclusive and respectful environment for all LGBTIQ+ employees,
  • Ensure equal rights and treatment for all its employees, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity,
  • Support employees who are victims of discriminatory comments or acts,
  • Share good practices in order to change the general professional environment towards inclusion and progress.

“We can measure the commitment of a family group manager very anchored in the social responsibility of his company with this signature during an annual convention, in order to involve all teams in taking into account the LGBTIQ+ theme. » – adds Catherine Tripon, Spokesperson and Co-Head of the Employers Center.

These new measures are a continuation of the actions already implemented by the company for several years now. Indeed, Draeger Paris is a signatory of the diversity charter. The company is therefore investing in diversity and fighting against all forms of discrimination.

In addition, Draeger is committed to ensuring compliance with social and environmental standards in all its factories, through the conduct of various strict audits.

“By signing the charter of L’Autre Cercle, we wish to materialize and strengthen our internal actions for the benefit of LGBTIQ+ people, as well as our opposition to discriminatory comments and acts of any kind” states Olivier Draeger, Chairman and CEO of Draeger Paris.