Gift ideas for Christmas

Des idées cadeaux pour Noël

The end-of-year holiday season is fast approaching: it's time to tackle a task that can be more or less tedious depending on your level of inspiration: buying Christmas gifts. To avoid crowds and crowded stores, and guide you in your choices, we have put together a list of original (and personalized) ideas to slip under the tree.


A gift, yes, as long as it is personalized! The simple presence of a little note will bring an undeniable addition of soul to your Christmas list. At Draeger, scented candles are not only essential decorative objects for creating a cocooning atmosphere, they also carry sweet words. “ My crush ”, “ I love you ”, “ You are unique ” or “ I love you ” are sure to surprise your loved ones — other options, more targeted candles like “ Darling daughter ” or “ Cool dad ”, always nestled in their elegant glass case and made from vegetable wax.


To continue your momentum, you can also offer a gift that the recipient will use every day, such as a message mug. Alternately graphic or printed, these XXL cups also carry little tailor-made words, such as “ Princess ”, “ My darling daughter ”, “ Big boss ”, “ Mama hen ” or “ Cool dad ”… So many delicate touches attentions offered in elegant gift boxes. All you have to do is choose them based on the people on your Christmas list, making sure you don't make a mistake when distributing the gifts!



It seems that jewelry always pleases... If you are lacking inspiration, opt for a classic and timeless model that will fit perfectly into the recipient's jewelry box. Among our favorites, this fine ring decorated with a solitaire , this bangle in the shape of foliage , this necklace in the image of a moon or these elegant dangling earrings ... To go even further in personalization, you can also wink at your loved one's astrological sign , or even their first name . Or even symbolically seal a friendship with this “ Best friends ” necklace, a heart split in two that you will share with the friend who will receive it.