Stay warm this winter

Rester au chaud cet hiver

Between the drop in temperatures and the windows that are already dressed in Christmas colors, there is no doubt that winter is approaching... So, you might as well prepare for it as best you can and go into cocooning mode! To do this, discover three essential objects, which will also inspire some of your Christmas gifts.


We do not present her anymore. It's the one you definitely have at home, which decorates a table or a desk and fills the whole room with fragrance as soon as you light it: the scented candle. Nestled in a white glass case, it is adorned here with a message label and will bring a warm atmosphere to your interior. At Draeger, the candles come in many scents, are made from vegetable wax and a cotton wick, and come with (just about) any message. In the “ I love you ”, “ Radiant ”, “ Instant of happiness ” or “ Fragrance of love ” version, there is something for everyone. The idea? Collect them and place them in your fireplace for an alternative to afternoons by the fire. Another option for illuminating your living room is to opt for a glass tealight holder, into which you will slip a small candle. Our favorite (and seasonal) designs include “ Merry Christmas ” and “ Let it Snow .” Let the festivities begin!


Among the winter classics, we find Christmas trees, mulled wine, a crackling fireplace, knitted socks and… hot chocolate, which is obviously drunk from a carefully chosen mug. Although there are hundreds of them, our choice often falls on personalized cups, in which we will enjoy drinking tea, coffee or our favorite hot drinks. Between “ Life is beautiful ”, “ Carpe diem ”, “ Head in the stars ” or “ Elixir of happiness ”, you will be spoiled for choice.



In the hot water bottle family, we ask for... A llama , an owl or a heart ! At Draeger, the hot water bottles are adorned with a faux fur cover embroidered with deliciously regressive patterns. Essential for spending a cozy winter and keeping warm, hot water bottles are the best allies for long rainy or snowy evenings. All that's left to do is slip under a blanket and start a Christmas movie marathon...