Quote wall stickers allow you to decorate your interior in an astonishing way! Stop uniform and boring artifice: with our wide range of decorative stickers, personalize each room of your living space with a phrase that will adapt perfectly to each member of the family. Our quotes are available in all styles, all fonts and all colors for a result that will perfectly match your desires. Fun, inspiring, reassuring or motivating, these mottos will transform your daily life and give meaning to your home!


Are you tired of bland, boring decor elements that have been seen over and over again? It's time to adopt an original and resolutely modern wall decoration, by opting for our adhesive phrases! Among the multitude of models offered, available and customizable, you are sure to find the formula that suits you... And which will be perfect for each room in your house or apartment.


The days go by and it's not always easy to start them off on the right foot. What if you enhanced the decoration of the master bedroom with an inspiring and motivating maxim?
You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the formula that will give you a little boost to start the morning in good conditions. To this end, our Be Happy Blue quote wall stickers, in addition to adding a touch of refinement and elegance to this important room, will guide you daily for 100% positive moments!

Doesn't the master bedroom, a room so important for family life dedicated to happiness and happiness, deserve a touch of romanticism? If you think so, you have the leisure to choose the formula which best symbolizes the love called to reign in your home: every day, it is Cupid himself who will watch over you.

Finally, have you always had a bedside book, a masterpiece of French or foreign literature? Has this novel, this essay or this poem been a source of inspiration in your daily life for years, a guide in the important decisions that we all have to make in life? Invite your favorite passage to accompany you every day by placing it as close as possible to you. Make sure it's the first thing you see when you escape from Morpheus's arms, and start the day filled with positive vibes thanks to quote wall stickers!


Whatever their ages, your children can also enhance the decoration of their rooms in a simple and original way, in a room where it is so important that they feel good, for their greatest happiness... and ours. Warm, comforting phrases likely to give you self-confidence or taken from their favorite world... The range of possibilities is simply unlimited.

For older children, why not opt ​​for our maxim “ Be realistic, ask for the impossible ”, wall stickers with quotes in French that will accompany them, inspire and motivate them?
If your child has a favorite author, a favorite singer, a cult film with anthology dialogues, he will be delighted to find on the walls of his “home” the extract that he himself has chosen.

For the youngest, give free rein to their imagination and find together the formula that will match their characters and their desires! For this, nothing better than our customizable stickers : funny, tender or reassuring messages, it's you who choose and organize the decoration, in a gold shade that will surely delight the children! You can of course highlight the first name of your son or daughter, in a text that will be directly dedicated to them thanks to these personalized quote wall stickers.


Quote wall stickers are also the ideal tool for bringing the whole family together in common living areas. Give meaning to your interior, establish rules of life for a peaceful existence, bring together each member of the family around a phrase in which everyone will find themselves.

Available in all languages, the phrases will also be the perfect, fun and entertaining opportunity to familiarize the whole family with foreign languages! English, Italian, German… The possibilities are vast and the opportunities to learn while having fun are endless!

Thus, the wall stickers for quotes in the kitchen, with our “ Relax and take a break ” model, will enhance the wall decoration of a room that is sometimes neglected in this area. Design will invite itself into this space, with phrases adapted to such a particular universe. And why not choose recipe elements? From now on, the sources of inspiration for tasty and tasty dishes that will delight young and old are simply before your eyes!

In the living room, this room which brings together the whole family for moments of sharing and conviviality, it is essential to create a pleasant and soothing atmosphere. The quote wall stickers for the whole family, in our “Dream” version, energizing and motivating, will be the decorative element that will make the difference and transform your living room into the welcoming room it deserves to be!

The other elements of the house are obviously not left out. Suitable for all types of surfaces, the stickers will surprise you in the bathroom or toilet, where you don't necessarily expect them! Choose funny or offbeat adages, in rooms that will find a new decor and a new lease of life with a unique and elegant decoration. From now on, it will be good to linger in these spaces that have finally become warm and welcoming!

At the entrance, receive your guests with a welcome message! Thanks to this friendly and caring welcome, they will immediately feel at ease and confident in your accommodation, for friendly moments tinged with good humor.

Finally, to fill the family space with smiles, our inexpensive quote wall stickers will bring your interior back to life, while delivering a pleasant and positive message! The blues are definitely a thing of the past: more than ever, life is good in your home! Throughout the year, you will find a wide range of products that are always high quality and suitable for all budgets.


All of our stickers are not just funny, romantic, stylish or inspiring. They also have the advantage of being easy to install, even for those who are not DIY enthusiasts!
For the most novice, rest assured: a few seconds are enough to bring your interior back to life. Simple to apply and then remove, our stickers save you a tedious installation which can sometimes put your nerves to the test.

Another advantage is that you definitely say goodbye to the holes that damage your walls: no need for a drill, screws or hammer to install your favorite quotes. Better yet, by skillfully playing with the juxtaposition of your maxim, it can allow you to hide the defects previously left by a painting, a frame or an unsightly stain.
And, once removed, our adhesives leave no trace: you find your interior as it was, without any deterioration!

Modular depending on the space available or the covering of the room concerned, our quote wall stickers can be installed anywhere, in record time and with obvious ease. Walls, doors or windows, the adhesives will find their place in all the spaces you want. Never has a successful decoration been so easy to put in place!