Letter stickers are not just for poets and philosophers! There are all kinds of adhesives to decorate your walls, doors or furniture, as well as your glass surfaces. Practical, fun and original, these stickers offer multiple possibilities for dressing up your interior... Among this vast choice: messages to display like mantras to remember, timeless and motivating quotes to guide your moods, words with an elegant design for a touch refined. Treat yourself to a unique decoration, add some pep to your daily life: we'll show you our most beautiful models!


Very original, letter stickers are a change from classic decoration: a single word or phrase is enough to give character to a room and immediately creates the atmosphere you want to instill in your home... Surprise those around you by letting them discover the walls of your home your most beautiful inspirations of the moment! Welcoming words that invite reflection and well-being…


We are more accustomed to contemplating figurative representations, drawings, photos or even paintings on the walls. Decorating your interior with wall letter stickers changes classic frames or posters, and breathes a new air of modernity. Very trendy, they allow you to have fun, to give free rein to your creativity, at a lower cost. The major advantage? Words speak to everyone, you leave no one indifferent to your decorative efforts…

The Symbols and words wall sticker is one of the essentials for warmly welcoming your loved ones into your home. Made up of several messages and different symbols, this model offers you the possibility of arranging the various elements as you wish, for a successful aesthetic effect!

Arrows, musical notes, diamonds: these geometric shapes add to the weight of the welcome words, and tastefully stylize your walls in a dynamic and contemporary style. In another style, create a very romantic atmosphere with the adhesive illustration representing a heart-shaped key. Accompanied by the word “smile”, this motif is a real invitation to joy of living and conviviality in your home!

“Hello”, “home”, “welcome”: the adhesive golden letters make your plain walls shine with cheerfulness. Sparkling, they give those who pass through the room a feeling of well-being and the desire to linger there with a smile on their lips. These playful and joyful symbols, the smiley at the top of the list, certainly bring a positive and optimistic note...

The possibilities are endless with this adhesive model: you are free to stick these symbols together, scatter them or overlap them. They are easy to place on any smooth, clean surface, whether wood, metal or glass. From now on, you can also write on your walls without leaving a trace, since these stickers can be removed as easily as they are applied…


Adhesives convey messages, but also enhance your interior decoration. Fun, they are also decorative and match your favorite style.

Stickers in black letters, stuck on a white wall, allow you to highlight the refined design that is important to you... Basic message stickers, the black and white Home sweet home wall sticker seduces with its sobriety and its stylized characters. Varied fonts and a gradient of shades offer a harmonious and visually pleasing visual rendering, sure to charm your guests!

Discreetly, this model brings warmth to your interior. After a long day spent at work then in transport, you can't wait to get home... With this original decorative element, a real cozy nest awaits you! Place it in your entrance or in your living room, it personalizes your relaxation space with the wave of a magic wand. All you have to do is sit back on your sofa with a cup of tea, to better relax... This sticker reminds you how sweet and precious these moments are, treat yourself to the well-being you deserve!


Letter stickers appeal more to your imagination and stimulate thinking. Depending on the printed message, these clever decorative solutions revive your memories, encourage learning and boost creativity. For children or adults, we have selected our favorites for you!


There is no shortage of ideas to stimulate children, who are always in demand! Their thirst for learning, their quest for discovery and their desire to grow quickly push them to quickly learn the basics. And what could be more basic than the alphabet to introduce your little one to the world?

These alphabet wall stickers don't just print the basics of school on the walls. By adorning themselves with playful and enchanting colors and designs, they motivate the child to become familiar not only with words, but also with a more childish universe: colors and animals.

These letters in the shape of multicolored and shimmering animals bring cheerfulness to the walls of a child's bedroom or playroom. They can also personalize a toy box or a chest of drawers. Fox, elephant, dog, giraffe, crocodile... are an opportunity to teach little ones to talk when they try to guess which animal is hidden behind each of the letters of this adhesive alphabet. You can also have fun playing an imitation game with them: reproduce the cries of each of these funny animals!

Both fun and decorative, these stickers are a wonderful gift idea for a birth or a child's birthday...


For older children, budding poets, creative minds or pun lovers, the Esperluette XL wall sticker allows you to write your own decoration. With the ampersand, you can conjugate your words and combine all your ideas as you see fit! Allow yourself to be creative in writing your expressions... And for a note of magic, the golden color is printed on the walls as a refined and precious decorative element...

You have at your disposal all the letters of the alphabet! Enough to get your brain and your imagination working, without limits... Dare to express yourself on a wall or on a door, let yourself go to the emotions that lie dormant within you and, why not, to the budding writer that you are...

Are you lacking inspiration? Take up the great classic authors or, in another register, appropriate the words said by the great sages of this world. There are many famous quote sites on the internet that you can reproduce, a fun exercise to practice as a family!

The XL format of this sticker allows you to cover an entire section of wall. It will find its place above a desk, for example, as an invitation to write or, at least, to type on your keyboard. On a door, a cupboard, or in a strategic location, it will leave a certain mystery lingering if you isolate the ampersand from its letters... Impregnate your walls with poetry!

Letter stickers assert your personality! Treat yourself and create a surprise, while boosting your interior decor!