The art wall sticker brings real added value to a living room. Certain forms like street art are difficult to recreate on a wall... And yet, graffiti can become truly astonishing works! Some of these creations are now estimated to be as valuable as paintings by great artists such as Picasso. Most famous artists sell for unaffordable prices, and art quickly becomes inaccessible. Unless you offer yourself faithful reproductions... To no longer deprive yourself of these inspired creations, adhesives, accessible to all and easy to apply on many supports, represent your best alternative!


Street art is a relatively new art form, which took off with the sale of aerosol paint cans. To show off their non-conformist desire or simply to share their artistic talent, many graffiti artists use public spaces to create their works. To the delight of passers-by…

At the start of the movement, graffiti was seen as a way of marking one's territory within public space, and did not yet enjoy a very good reputation... Gradually, artists with real talent created graffiti representing Absolutely breathtaking scenes! Others have chosen to inscribe symbolic words to convey a message to the public. Whatever its form of expression, street art has quickly become trendy!

Today urban art is recognized in the same way as classical art or art deco. It is very fashionable, and is no longer confined to exterior facades and public monuments... It is displayed in your home!


Street art is known to be a dynamic movement that wishes to awaken minds and generate excitement around an image or a written message.

Pop rock is also a very dynamic musical movement where the lyrics can convey several messages to those who listen to them.

Whether visually or aurally, these two movements encourage free expression in a very encouraged dynamic. Many graffiti artists are fans of pop rock and vice versa. These two arts complement each other and can be found together within the same graffiti!

Pop rock graffiti is the perfect example. In the form of decorative stickers to put on a wall, a window or a piece of furniture, it sets the tone and highlights your passion for pop rock. This street art wall sticker has a great effect, surprise guaranteed!

Being rock also means daring to deviate from classic movements to experiment with other ways of expressing yourself. There's nothing better than trying your hand at urban art, a discipline where all media become the artists' canvases. No rules are imposed, only creativity is expressed without limits!

With this adhesive, you will be able to enjoy all the details of a graffiti including the paint flowing along the letters. The advantage is undoubtedly the fact that you do not risk staining your floor or your furniture with spray paint, which can be difficult to use...

To play the street artist card to the end, this set of decorative stickers also includes the illustration of a spray paint can, to accentuate the free expression side. This little rebellious note should please all those who love the rock and roll atmosphere!


When it comes to street art, stickers come in bright colors to brighten up your interior: dare to use color where you least expect it!

In order to brighten up the facades of dull and gray buildings, graffiti artists come to express their current inspirations in palettes of bright colors. A dark and unwelcoming street can thus be transformed into a magical place where discovery and wonder overwhelm residents and passers-by. Some municipalities today ask graffiti artists to create graffiti on the facades of public infrastructure considered too dull.

The colors and shapes of graffiti surprise, arouse curiosity and awaken everyone's creativity. To find that artistic spirit in your home, no need to try using aerosol paint! You can find different adhesives which will give you a clean and surprise-free final result. You will not need to cover your entire room with protective tarpaulins to prevent paint suspended in the air from settling on your furniture or bedding...

The pop rock graffiti sticker in pink is a real commitment to artistic freedom and everyday cheerfulness. Seeing life in pink can also be expressed within urban art for an assertive rock side.

Here again, the illustration of the spray paint can is a must for an urban style decor. This decorative sticker will find a special place next to the collector's posters of your favorite rock groups! You will thus have a personalized interior where your passions and your creativity can freely express themselves…


Among the world-famous painters, certain names come up regularly such as Pablo Picasso or even Vincent Van Gogh. Some of their paintings have greatly contributed to their success throughout the centuries. For connoisseurs, having a copy of one of these renowned works allows you to decorate a room with taste.

If you are not attracted to framed paintings, some creations are much more refined and modern. The famous face of peace drawn by Picasso moves away from these more complex works to understand. The lines are fine, airy and match all decorative styles.

Do you know the story behind this decorative art sticker ?

Picasso was inspired for this work by Paul Eluard's poem entitled "The Face of Peace". Based on the words of this poet, he decided to transcribe the emotion he felt while reading these verses through this sketch which quickly became a recognized work of the master.

You will be able to discover a dove with the sweet and smiling face of a young woman. The white dove, universal symbol of peace on Earth, is represented as part of this woman's head.

This face has peaceful features that perfectly represent the feeling of peace. Far from the bright colors and asymmetrical shapes well known by Picasso, this drawing brings tranquility and serenity displayed in an interior…

Picasso also has a very particular relationship with the dove and more precisely with the pigeon. It is indeed thanks to this bird that he perfected his art. His own father encouraged him to reproduce in drawings the pigeons he could see in the village square in order to correctly represent the proportions of the animal.

This art sticker representing the work of Picasso, signed and dated, will bring softness and kindness to your living room, your bedroom or your office. You will thus have a copy of a work by Picasso which is meant to be designer and timeless! You will be able to explain the origin of this work to your guests who will undoubtedly appreciate the serenity that emerges from the gaze of this young woman with a face of peace...

The art sticker does not just tastefully decorate your interior. It contains a symbolism and a message that make them unique. You can position different artistic decorative elements to bring your room to life... Artistic creations bring a lot of character to a living room, bedroom or office. Don't hesitate to treat yourself to a copy of an artistic work in adhesive form, at a lower cost and easy to install, for a personalized and original decoration !