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With scrapbooking, create an ultra-personalized photo album to keep your most beautiful photos and memories on paper. Fans of creative hobbies, let yourself be seduced by complete collections of printed scrapbooking papers and embellishments (cotton canvas fabrics, cardboard sheet, clear stamps, self-adhesive scratch tape, etc.) to highlight your most beautiful photos and build on wonderful souvenir albums over the years.

Description of the collection

Let yourself be carried away into the captivating world of scrapbooking, where you can create ultra-personalized photo albums to preserve your most beautiful photos and precious memories on paper. For craft enthusiasts, our complete collection of printed scrapbooking papers and embellishments (like cotton canvas fabrics, card stock, clear stamps, self-adhesive velcro tape, and much more) is an invitation to creativity.

Thanks to our scrapbooking equipment, you can bring your most beautiful photos to life and build wonderful souvenir albums over the years. Each page becomes a blank canvas on which you can freely express your creativity. Ornaments, cutouts, collages, and other artistic techniques combine to transform your albums into true works of art.

You can also create personalized cards to embellish everyday moments with our ultra-aesthetic and trendy printed papers. Whether it's a birthday card, a thank you card, or just a warm thought, scrapbooking offers a unique way to express your feelings through handmade creations.

Our range of scrapbooking accessories is vast and varied, including punches to add precise designs, embossing tools to add relief, decorative letters to write personalized messages, masking tapes to add a touch of color, clear stamps for crisp prints, double-sided tape for assembly, and even decoration kits to guide you in your projects.

Let your inspiration speak by choosing from our different scrapbooking papers, whether they are A6-sized cardboard sheets or paper sheets in various colors. Each of these choices gives you an ideal canvas to tell your story in a unique and artistic way.

Scrapbooking is much more than just a creative hobby, it is a way of cherishing the magical moments of life by faithfully preserving them on a paper support decorated and personalized with quality scrapbooking materials. Each creation becomes a time capsule, a work of art that captures the very essence of your memories. With Draeger, each album becomes a story to tell, each page a journey to relive, and each moment an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life.