How to organize your bag?

Comment organiser son sac ?

If you are one of the people who carry several bags, you are undoubtedly aware of the complicated task that a simple change of shopping bag, shoulder strap or clutch can sometimes represent. Particularly if your favorite model does not contain a compartment to store your keys, your change and other essentials... We have therefore compiled a selection of essentials in order to organize your favorite bag once and for all (and to make it a accessory in your image).

Choosing your wallet

No more loose change at the bottom of the bag! The organization of a handbag has many points in common with that of an apartment since in both cases, storage is essential. Choosing a practical and compact purse will allow you to see more clearly when opening your shopping bag. And there is no reason to deprive yourself: there is necessarily a model that will suit you. Among our favorites, one striped version , to message , with golden leaves Or with graphic patterns .

Sort your cards carefully

Which case should you choose to store your credit cards, credit card receipts and other loyalty cards? If you want to find an accessory suitable for a small clutch or simply locate them at the bottom of your bag, we recommend opting for a card holder. Practicality requires, choose a model with a zipper, which will allow you to slip your coins inside. And you are spoiled for choice! On the program, spring models like this turquoise version with polka dots to add a pop touch to your bag, this red and pink model for a flashy look or this card holder mustard yellow message , which also turns out to be an ideal gift for a loved one.

Opt for an all-in-one wallet

The wallet is the ideal option for fans of shopping bags, backpacks and satchels. It allows you to store everything we mentioned previously: credit cards, cash or metro receipts, driving license, identity card, currency, etc. From then on, all you have to do is choose a model that reflects your style: it can be a polka dot version , of a bright red model , of a graphic design or a timeless black option .

As for men's accessories, there's a square model, which can slip into a bag as well as a jacket. It is available in different styles ranging from plain model At graphic , passing through a geometric patterned version or a must-have message model , just to mark a special occasion.

Personalize your bag with a charm

The final touch? Make your bag a unique piece by adding a charm who looks like you. Whether it is a heart or a four-leaf clover of golden color , a navy blue keychain or a immaculate pompom , we bet you will soon find your new favorite accessory...