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Professional life: the bullet journal as a tool

Bullet journaling is all the rage. You've probably already seen beautiful bullet journals decorated with small works of art, collages and memories. But does this have anything to do with professional life? Yes and no. Because the real bullet journal is far from what you think. Let's take stock of what we affectionately call the "bujo", and its way of helping you in your professional life!

The bullet journal, a tool that has nothing to do with art

When you see these bullet journals which are true works of art, you are actually seeing scrapbooking , even if the authors will refuse to admit it. The real bullet journal is an ideal tool for organizing and managing your daily life. But its use can also be a form of meditation. All you need is a blank notebook and a pen to get started. The bullet journal consists of different schedules depending on your lifestyle, and different lists and collections to help you move forward with your tasks, projects and goals. No need for washi tape, stamps, images, and even less of an artistic soul to enjoy the benefits of bullet journaling in your life!

Some basics to get started

Your blank notebook, unlike the diary, allows you to organize yourself according to the needs of your schedule. The bullet journal usually starts with a calendar for the entire year, which you copy or print out in order to have a long-term overview. This is ideal for writing down your appointments that will take place in more than a month. You can then use one or two pages to make a monthly calendar. At a glance, you can see what you have planned to do during the current month and annotate tasks on specific days. You can also do the same with weekly calendars. Finally, you can also detail your tasks for the day as much as possible in the “dailies” which will become your best allies. Check the boxes associated with each task when they are completed. A real feeling of accomplishment will wash over you when you take stock in the evening. You can also plan monthly or weekly “to-do lists” when tasks are not assigned to a particular day. Finally, collections can also be part of your bullet journal. For example, you can write a list of books to read this year, detail the steps of a project, or write down your ideas so you don't forget them.

More than a tool, a therapy

Why choose a bullet journal rather than a diary? Quite simply because using the blank notebook, although intimidating at first, offers real freedom in managing your professional life. You decide the space dedicated to each of your calendars and lists. This notebook becomes a tailor-made diary that you can complete and enhance according to your ideas and needs. The bullet journal also gives you the opportunity to take 5 to 10 minutes a day (or more) to take stock of your needs. This moment of disconnection can be associated with meditation for some people. As you look at your tasks, you'll notice what doesn't really matter to you: if a task is postponed from day to day, it may not be that important, and not worth spending time on. . Obviously, the bullet journal is an excellent tool for productivity in your professional life, but it can also be used for your daily life: list chores, track household tasks, your health, your well-being, and don't forget not one more meeting!