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Is it possible to keep a Bullet Journal in less than 5 minutes a day?

The Bullet Journal organization method looks great on paper. However, it is an activity that still seems extremely time-consuming to you: having to create all these pages, plan for the long term, decorate, ... you are already exhausted just thinking about it!

Please note, however, that it is very easy to spend less than five minutes a day on your Bullet Journal and that it is not such a time-consuming activity on a daily basis. Conversely, keeping a Bullet Journal can save you time in the long term .

Starting a Bullet Journal: a step that takes time

We are not going to try to lie to you here, it is true that there is one day in the year when you will have to seriously look at your Bullet Journal for several hours: when you have to set up your annual organization . This could take you maybe an hour or two depending on what you want to do.

This is also a stage where you will have to make the most decisions regarding your organization, which may take you a little time.

New month, new pages

Then, at the start of each month, you will have to repeat certain pages of your monthly organization which will have to be “reset” for the new month that begins.

You will then perhaps have to spend 30 minutes maximum, knowing that as the months go by, you will only have to simply copy the organization of the previous month by simply adapting the days, it will be child's play , it has never been easier to know how to manage your time!

The daily Bullet Journal: just long enough for your coffee or herbal tea to cool!

Finally, you simply need to take five minutes out of your day to write down your tasks to do (for the day or the next day if you prepare in the evening) as well as take stock of these tasks if you do not have them already checked off throughout the day. Nothing simpler than that!

And the decoration?

This is one of the things that scares the most people interested in Bullet Journaling. Pinterest is so full of examples that look like works of art rather than an organizational notebook that you have every right to wonder if there is a mistake in the merchandise.

In reality, it's up to you whether you want to decorate your Bullet Journal or not. No need to turn your Bullet Journal into a work of art with designs and colors all over the place. You can simply opt for a minimalist Bullet Journal which will only be there for its main objective: to allow you to live a full, balanced and productive life.

Some nevertheless enjoy reconnecting with a part of creation that we tend to suppress in our daily lives today. Spending some time playing with pen colors or venturing into drawing can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity in its own right!

As you will have understood, the time-consuming side of the Bullet Journal is not so much the time spent setting it up, but rather the fact of confronting the organization of one's life : what is the do we really want to make a change? How do we want to operate it? What can help us change? How to determine your priorities? How to segment them over the year then monthly? How to materialize this into daily tasks?

It is by dissecting all these elements that we will be able to achieve our goals and lead the life we ​​want to lead… in just less than 5 minutes a day !