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Families: Which paper diary should you choose to organize your schedule?

When you're managing a family, it's sometimes difficult to be organized. We easily waste time and tend to forget a lot of things. Between children's school activities, parents' professional activities, administrative formalities and leisure activities, it is very easy to no longer know where we are. However, there is a very simple solution, that of planning with a paper diary .

What is a family paper diary?

The family diary allows you to note all the activities of a family . This allows you to save time to devote to leisure or family life, and to not forget anything important . This is why you must write everything down:

  • Daily tasks (cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc.)
  • Time spent at work
  • School and extracurricular activities
  • Medical appointments
  • Hobbies
  • Sports sessions
  • Meals with family or friends
  • Reminders (holidays, birthdays, etc.)
  • Ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, etc.)

What a family diary does for you

Being able to organize your entire family life on a paper diary offers many advantages, starting with a considerable time saving. When we have children, we tend to find that we never have enough time to do things. Everything speeds up and we have the feeling of no longer controlling anything. To avoid burnout, there is nothing like a schedule. Organizing all family activities on a paper diary saves travel time or downtime. You have 15 minutes between the end of your yoga session and the end of your daughter's dance class, why don't you go pick up the boots you left at the shoemaker three months ago and don't haven't had time to recover yet? With this diary, you no longer risk forgetting the end of year show or birthdays.

The weekly planner, ideal format for a family diary

The weekly planner is a diary that offers visibility over 7 days . This is the ideal format to have visibility on planned activities hour by hour, day by day. Managing a family also requires a lot of anticipation, because there are constant changes and unforeseen events. However, the weekly planner allows you to have a very clear overview of family life as a whole and allows you to adapt quickly. In addition, both professional life and school life are organized on a weekly schedule , which makes the weekly schedule essential in managing a family's diary.

Choose a medium-sized diary

If you choose a planner that is too small, you risk not having enough space to write down your tasks, appointments or reminders. The bigger the family, the more space you need to leave. On the other hand, you should not buy a family diary that is too large, because you must have it with you at all times. Medium formats offer a good compromise between writing and reading comfort and ease of carrying in a handbag or briefcase.

Using a family planner will help you a lot. Do not hesitate to read the advice on the Internet to learn how to manage it properly.