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Our 5 tips for writing your wishes

Nos 5 conseils pour écrire vos voeux


Classic, original, sober, colorful, refined, with a message... If the model of your greeting card is important, the recipient is just as important!

Indeed, one's choice is above all conditioned by the one who receives it. Whether it's a member of your family, or your best friend, you just have to find the card that will best please and surprise the lucky recipient of the surprise missive!

However, remember that even if nothing is too good to take care of and magnify your wishes, the most important thing remains in the love and attention you will give to making this moment as authentic and unique. Whether you choose an ornate or simply elegant card, the magic will be intact because nothing could be more precious than sharing and transmitting your emotions.


Rather than opting for an overly expected message, show creativity and imagination!

Don't hesitate to write a little tailor-made note, tinged with wonder, kindness, gentleness, and delicacy, which will arouse the emotion of your recipient, as much as yours. Above all, be yourself and be true to who you are. Let yourself be carried by your heart and your message will be even more sincere.

Doesn't the most sensitive and poetic attention remain in its spontaneity? So for even more sincerity, don't hesitate to ask relatives and children to come and complete your card with a few words or scribbled illustrations!


Because these days, computers too often replace handwriting, take advantage of the end-of-year holidays to rediscover the lost pleasure of writing with ups and downs! Take care, take your most beautiful pen and sign your message like a calligrapher!

Silver or gold ink, make the letters dance on the paper, choreograph arabesques, make them fly away like your hand flies when your heart whispers a few inspired and inspiring words to you. Whether you are lyrical, poetic or classical, the words written on paper will make your message unique and will convey emotions, however sober or exalted they may be. Just like when we were children, we wrote our letter to Santa Claus, and like a Proust madeleine, everyone will savor the unparalleled pleasure of receiving a beautiful handwritten card.


Don't miss out on discovering our collection of greeting cards, some of which will reveal words chosen just for you.

So many thoughts like little treasures of attention that you can make your own.

You are free to personalize the selected card and perfect its content to make it a unique message, which will be able to transmit all the magic and emotion that you have put into it.

Pop-Up, Musical or delicately decorated cards, everyone can choose a card and a message that suits them, for shared pleasure.


If you can, don't wait for the rush of the last Christmas weekend to choose your small personalized gifts , as well as your greeting cards, especially if you want to put all the chances on your side so that everything arrives safely , right in time.

A guaranteed success, the promise of a magical moment and a privileged experience for the recipient of this card and these little touches chosen with your heart, slipped into the mailbox or under the tree.