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What are the different types of paper diaries?

A diary allows you to organize your daily life and not forget anything. You can write down your schedule, things you have to do, appointments, birthdays as well as various personal notes and ideas. We use this instrument for work, for studies and for our personal life. Today, digital versions are widely used. However, paper diaries are still products in high demand. You will find different types of diaries.

Classification of diaries by period

There are three types of paper diaries :

  • The annual diary is the most classic format. It covers the calendar year, from January to December. We use it to organize our everyday life as well as our professional life.
  • The school diary is an annual diary that begins and ends in September. Ideal for schoolchildren, high school students and students, it is also very useful for teachers.
  • The 16-month diary is a format that starts in September and ends in December. It is ideal for those who plan for the long term and makes it easier to manage the transfer of information from one calendar to another.

Another distinction can be made between paper diaries:

  • Annual diaries
  • Monthly diaries
  • Weekly diaries
  • Daily diaries

Annual diaries offer a global vision over a long period. You can include vacation periods, important personal or professional events or birthdays, for example. Monthly planners and weekly planners are ideal formats for managing family life. Daily diaries are the reference types of diaries for organizing professional, school or university life.

Classification of diaries by format

There are several formats of paper diaries that can be chosen for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Mini diaries that can be easily stored in a bag or pocket. We use this type of diary to organize our personal life, or when we have little information to write down.

Medium formats are more suitable for those who absolutely need to write down everything. This is the case for professional diaries, for school diaries, but also for classic or family diaries. It can be carried very easily in a bag, satchel, briefcase or computer bag.

The large format which is more suitable for office use. Most of the time, it is used in a professional setting to have better visibility on one's schedule, but it is also appreciated by people who suffer from a visual impairment.

The bullet journal: the star of paper diaries

The bullet journal or Bujo for short is a fairly revolutionary personal organization system that allows you to better manage your daily life and your work. It is a paper diary entirely personalized to perfectly match each person's logic and mode of operation using key symbols and trackers (there is also a digital version). In stores, it is possible to find different ready-to-use Bujo models, but the most creative among us will opt for DIY. All you need is a blank book and a pen and you can decorate it however you want.