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How to make a bullet journal when you don't know how to draw?

The bullet journal, this trend which is invading social networks as much as our daily lives! If such craze exists, it is because the principle of the bullet journal, also called “bujo” is incredibly practical! The bullet journal is a bit of a “catch-all” on which we transcribe all our thoughts, our appointments, our To-Do-Lists and other objectives to achieve.

In short, it’s a bit like our reminder in paper format. The little extra that adds its share of originality is the fun side that we give it. Colorful, cheerful, and full of drawings, the bullet journal displays a positive attitude that we adopt with great pleasure!

The question then arises for those who do not have the ability to draw pretty things. Want to know how to decorate your bullet journal? Here are some tips that you are sure to like!

Return to childhood, time for cutting

If drawing is really not your strong point and you want to add some nice touches to your bujo, think about cutting! So, as soon as you like an image, all you have to do is cut it out and paste it on the pages of your notebook . Simple, practical, effective, cutting wreaks havoc at all ages!

The essential stickers

In the childhood series, we find the stickers. Even if unicorns are popular, today, we find stickers of all kinds! Rather girly or rock n'roll, plant or animal, sequined or black and white, there will definitely be something to amuse you and brighten up your diary.

Washi masking tape, the current trend

The current trend par excellence, these unusual rolls of tape will be sure to seduce you. With masking tape, anything is possible! This is a sticky paper for decorative purposes that you can freely tear or reposition. You can use washi tape to separate your columns, hide certain imperfections or stick other post-its. This original tape can also take the place of a frieze to separate two elements or serve as a marker for certain important meetings.

A mess of post-its

To provide further details to your information, post-its are ideal! Stick them wherever you want to remember something to do urgently, or on the contrary, something from the past. The post-its serve as a kind of history and give you the opportunity to put little messages everywhere.

The tampons

Wheel or classic, we find more and more tampons on the internet. The most popular in recent months are those with plant shapes. Moreover, among the flower of flowers, we discover the cactus ^^! Choose the color of your ink, and treat yourself!

Tracing paper

If you want to at least have the impression of drawing , you can use tracing paper! This will bring back childhood memories and allow you to perhaps learn some drawing techniques. Plus, thanks to tracing paper, you are free to reproduce absolutely anything you want.

Follow tutorials

If you don't know how to draw, there's nothing stopping you from trying! There are tutorials that allow you to make drawings very easily. Doodling is also very famous in a bullet journal. Doodling is defined by very simple drawings, which are neither perfect nor realistic. It's a kind of scribbling that has its full effect.

Create, invent, decorate!

To create your own bullet journal, anything is possible! Here, we give you examples of the most used tools, but nothing stops you from inventing a new way to decorate your journal, and why not, start the future trend to follow!

Finally, decorating your “Bujoli” is like engaging in scrapbooking. Depending on taste, add the necessary touch of color to your pages! Opt for a little fun, different textures, in short, show your imagination and let your creativity express itself!