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Hallmark, a Kansas City family business since 1910, embodies creativity and sharing. Their collection of greeting cards “with words” expresses your deep emotions. “Les Musicales” cards add a musical touch to your messages. For special moments, the “Méga Maxi” range offers more space. The Premium “Signature” and “Pop-Up” cards offer exceptional finishes for a magical experience.

Description of the collection

Hallmark is first and foremost a family business, based in Kansas City, in the state of Missouri in the heart of the United States. Created in 1910, the brand in the inner suburbs is based on essential values ​​such as creativity, listening and sharing.

This is how the collection of greeting cards “with words” will help you express your deepest emotions. With our range of “Les Musicales” cards, let yourself be drawn into the sound universe of hits of our time, often dear to the collective unconscious, to make the words intended for your loved ones reason.

And to celebrate the various significant moments of life in style, the “Méga Maxi” range offers you enough space to bring together the thoughts of young and old.

Make way for Premium cards with the “Signature” and “Pop-Up” offer, finishes with high added value for a magical experience. A work of art, from the choice of high-end materials, to the delicacy of the cutouts or even the selection of paper, an exceptional concentrate for a collection that is an essential.