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Window stickers are specially designed to stick to all your windows. They allow you to decorate your windows and bay windows in just a few minutes for a warm and designer interior... Let yourself be surprised by the numerous illustrations available which invite wonder and contemplation! From trompe-l'oeil to large format stickers, you can transform the atmosphere of a room with stickers representing vegetation, animals or even reminder quotes to remind yourself to enjoy the present moment...


Look out the window and imagine yourself traveling, discovering the world, flying above the clouds... Losing yourself in blissful thoughts allows you to cultivate hope and joy. The openings to the outside are conducive to these moments of meditation cut off from time. To transport yourself as you wish into fabulous worlds, don't hesitate to decorate your windows in the image of your most beautiful dreams...


Taking even just a few minutes a day to dream of taking flight towards vast landscapes, each more exceptional than the next, should become a pleasant habit. To help you relax more quickly when you are at home, consider carefully decorating your interior with elements reminiscent of nature and travel!

What could be better than embellishing your windows with window stickers printed with magnificent butterflies fluttering in the sunlight? This exceptional insect symbolizes metamorphosis and transformation towards a more beautiful renewal. From caterpillar to butterfly, all your dreams can one day come true...

This trompe l'oeil adhesive is 3D printed to highlight all the grace and natural lightness of butterfly wings. It is also printed on both sides so that these multi-colored butterflies are more real than life. Take a moment to relax on your couch or bed, and imagine these butterflies coming to life before your eyes. Your living room will become in just a few moments an enchanted garden ideal for carrying out all your projects!


The gloomy gray of rainy days that drag on can influence your morale. See what energy you gain when the first days of spring arrive with the singing of birds and the first flowers opening under the rays of the sun!

Wouldn't you like to feel this well-being every day when you open your shutters? No need for you to move to the tropics. Summer window stickers can allow you to create a haven of peace at home where you can feel the benefits of the warmth of the sun. Palm leaves with a hummingbird immerse you in a tropical forest where abundant vegetation replaces the hectic traffic of cities...

Positioned on a bay window or a window overlooking your living room, this sticker reminiscent of summer will catch your eye as soon as the sun rises. Close your eyes for a few moments and imagine the sweet sound of the hummingbird seeking to delight in some sweet juices from beautiful tropical flowers.


Pink is a happy color conducive to moments of joy. This shade brought sparingly into an interior promotes good humor. What animal other than the flamingo best symbolizes happiness and love?

Its elegant posture on one leg recalls the balance that nature can bring us. On a window, natural light brings out the magnificent pink colors of the flamingo adhesive . Don't hesitate to add some green plants to these inexpensive window stickers to create a green decor around your pink flamingo. The tropical trend is very popular for a fresh interior with a few colorful touches!


Quotes and mantras appear on computer and smartphone wallpapers, on diaries... but also on walls! As a reminder to enjoy life in all circumstances, a mantra can be read at any time of the day.

In an interior decoration, a highlighted quote is conducive to a positive and zen atmosphere. When you come home after a busy day, you can take a few minutes to rest in your living room or bedroom and read these few words that will make you smile...

Happy life ” is the mantra that many remember at every occasion. In the form of window stickers in spring colors, these words can easily find a place of choice on your windows.

Window stickers in the form of quotes have several advantages such as:

  • Do not block natural light through the glass.
  • Bring refined and refined decoration for a chic interior.
  • Apply without glue to avoid marks on the window.
The “happy life” sticker is surrounded by a plant crown with a few flowers for the bucolic side. It's the perfect combo for an atmosphere full of joy and lightness in your interior. If you have to face any difficulty during the day, by looking at your sticker you will be able to put things into perspective and remind yourself that life is beautiful!


Christmas is an opportunity to review the decoration of your living room with essential elements such as the tree, light garlands and stickers with winter illustrations. Decorating tip for the end of year celebrations: window stickers are printed on both sides and allow you to decorate both your interior and the exterior of your home.


The traditional Christmas wreath hung on front doors is a must-have for the end-of-year celebrations. The Advent wreath symbolizes the return of Christmas with a new cycle which begins with the arrival of the winter solstice.

Today it is a decorative element that is both poetic and traditional. It usually consists of fir or holly branches, with some additional ornaments. If your front door is not visible from the outside or you want to perpetuate this tradition beyond your entrance, the “Merry Christmas” wreath in the form of inexpensive Christmas window stickers to place on your window will be to the best effect!

Seen from the inside as well as the outside, Christmas symbols such as holly branches and the presence of a robin will dress your windows in just a few minutes. The “Merry Christmas” in printed letters will be highlighted around this green wreath. All you have to do is enjoy a good hot chocolate and some freshly baked cookies while looking out the window, a real robin may come and admire your winter decoration...


Some Christmas window stickers, while respecting the traditional aspect, harmonize with a more modern decor. Light colors such as white and beige are increasingly popular in our interiors. The trend is for Scandinavian style decorations so you can imagine celebrating the end of year holidays with family or friends in a chalet where the snowy landscape can be seen behind the windows...

In order to recreate this warm atmosphere, the key words are peace, joy, love and Merry Christmas ! The window sticker in the form of a tree decorated with these few symbolic words will find a special place in your living room.

This adhesive in shades of white with a fine line will go well with Scandinavian, traditional or even modern chic decoration.

Your guests will be able to enjoy a warm interior conducive to reunions and the joy of enjoying this end of year together. If one of your guests quotes these words during a toast, no longer doubt that they will have been inspired by this decoration highlighted on your window!

Window stickers offer endless decoration possibilities to transform a room without character into a unique and charming place. It's up to you to give free rein to your imagination to bring your windows to life!