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Why write a diary?

Bridget Jones's diary, Anne Frank's diary, Leonardo da Vinci, Lincoln, Newton... The diary is an opening into oneself which accompanies all the little moments of life, from the most trivial to the most difficult. And if today, social networks or the Bullet Journal seek to dethrone it, keeping a logbook remains essential for a one-on-one time with your emotions. In short, here's why you should get started!

What are the benefits of a diary?

Even if today it may seem outdated, the diary remains an excellent solution for dealing with certain difficult situations. In addition, it allows you to open a door to yourself in order to explore buried emotions in more depth. In short, here's why you should start writing it!

To release your emotions

This is certainly one of the greatest assets of the diary. Moreover, many psychologists agree that putting your emotions on paper allows you to free yourself from heavy feelings. Anger, sadness, fear… Writing acts like a real purge and contributes to the balance between body and mind. For some, it is therefore the means of expressing certain taboos while for others, the notebook can play the role of refuge, like a secret or private place sheltered from the gaze of others.

For in-depth introspection

Completely freed from the judgment of others and taboos, writing a diary allows you to explore your emotions more intensely. It is therefore the perfect way for a first introspection which aims to put words or meaning to everyday events. Suddenly, what is happening inside is expelled outside of oneself and finds a new meaning.

To put distance

Thanks to the diary, you will also be able to distance yourself from stressful or potentially anxiety-provoking periods. Simply by putting your emotions down on paper, you externalize what worries you to examine it differently. Plus, it’s a concrete way to regain control of your emotions! Suddenly, you are no longer slaves to your ruminations or your dark thoughts which are now on paper. By taking the time to write, you take time for yourself with a welcome break from the whirlwind of life!

To disconnect

Unlike social networks, the diary does not expect feedback. During the time of writing, you are completely absorbed by what you are trying to say, without fearing the gaze of others. Plus, it's a little habit that allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, you no longer get lost in a multitude of information or distractions. Concentrated on the paper, you refocus on yourself and completely disconnect from the environment around you.

How to start a diary?

To start a diary, all you need is a sheet of paper and a pen! Above all, do not try to improve your style or start structural work. As you are not there to receive the Goncourt Prize, you just have to let yourself be guided by your emotions and your sensations. If you are anxious about the blank page, you can also turn to lined or dotted notebooks which allow you to combine writing with drawing.

As for frequency, it all depends on your needs and desires. Some will prefer day-to-day writing while others will be content to recount certain significant life events. Just remember that for a diary, there are no rules other than letting yourself be guided by your writing!