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How to make a paper travel diary?

There are different ways to manage your vacation memories. There are those who keep them in their heads and who live each moment fully without trying to immortalize them anywhere other than in their memory. There are those who will take a lot of photos and videos even if it means experiencing the best moments on a live view screen. Finally, there are those who will want to keep more than the photos, but also the prints and all the things that we cannot see in the image. For them, the travel notebook is the ideal medium to keep the best memories.

Find the right support

The ideal travel notebook is made of paper. It is an object that we will like to touch, show and rediscover from time to time. In stationery stores, craft stores or even on the Internet, you will find two types of travel notebooks. The first are already organized, with different sections, spaces for texts and photos. They are very practical and save a lot of time. The latter come in the form of blank books or binders to personalize. The DIY travel diary allows you to let your creativity flow and organize your story the way you want.

Organize your travel notebook like a logbook

This is the advice that is generally given to all travelers who wish to keep a record of their vacation. It will be a bit like the diary of your stay . Tell the story of your journey day by day, indicating your itinerary. In particular, use maps that you stick and on which you indicate your route and your position. In addition to your story, give your impressions and note a few details (smells, the weather, noises), paste your transport tickets and your entries into museums, monuments or even hotel business cards , restaurants and bars.

Be creative

In a logbook , you have to know how to let your imagination speak . Even in pre-filled notebooks, you'll find ways to get creative. To get started, use codes by creating icons on recurring details. You can use stars to give your opinion, draw suns, clouds, rain and don't be afraid to be a little childish in your presentation. You can also use stickers or decals. Draw your memories and use color codes to improve the aesthetic of your pages. Use scrapbooking elements to add more depth to your presentation. These can be things that you cut out yourself or self-adhesive elements found in craft stores.

Don't forget the photos

In most travel diaries, we paste photos. The secret to making a logbook that is as balanced as it is aesthetically pleasing is not to add too much. If you leave them in the classic format and stick too many photos, your travel notebook will turn into a photo album, which is absolutely not the objective. We advise you to print thumbnails or create cutting effects . For example, cut the edges of a small photo in a circle and glue it to a square of colored paper before inserting it on the relevant page. You can also print special formats and present your images in the form of mini polaroids for example.

You will have understood, the travel diary is a logbook that you will be able to personalize as you wish. If you're afraid of lacking creativity, don't hesitate to look for inspiration on the Internet. Don't hesitate to read blog articles on the subject, follow video tutorials and even create collections of page templates on social networks like Pinterest.