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How to properly stick decorative wall stickers?

Wall stickers are the perfect way to renew your decor quickly and easily in DIY mode. Plus, there is a wide choice of shapes and patterns to match your style exactly. You still need to know how to stick them for an impeccable result and a wow effect!

How to properly stick your wall stickers?

Before considering sticking your wall stickers, equip yourself with the necessary tools! For example, you will definitely need a squeegee, a pair of scissors and some adhesive tape. Furthermore, your wall must be perfectly smooth and cleaned beforehand. To do this, take a cloth and remove any dust and dirt that may be encrusted. If you have just painted your wall, wait at least two weeks so that the moisture has time to completely evaporate.

To start applying the wall stickers, unroll the support on a flat surface, avoiding the formation of air bubbles. Then, peel off the support so that it is placed exactly in the desired location. Using a squeegee, flatten the surface as you go for a perfectly smooth result. If your sticker is in the shape of curves or arabesques, emphasize the contours.

To finish, remove the transparent film on top. If your model ever sticks, resume smoothing with your squeegee as gently as possible. And if, despite everything, you notice the appearance of air bubbles, use a fine needle to release them and obtain an impeccable result.

How to remove wall stickers?

If you want to redo your decor, then you may need to peel off some wall stickers. For this, several solutions are available to you! The first is that of the hair dryer which allows you to heat the sticker. In this way, the glue will gradually soften and come off the wall. Then, all you have to do is rub the rest of the adhesive with your fingers to completely remove the marks.

If this method is not enough, you can also use ammonia with water using a spray bottle. Inside, add a little dishwashing liquid to avoid the acidity of the mixture. Next, spray your wall stickers by rubbing them with a rough cloth so that the adhesive comes off completely. When the wall is soaked, it automatically unhooks.

Finally, you can also use vinegar to remove your stickers. The best solution is to apply it with a brush and properly soak your wall stickers for five minutes. Then simply wipe the area with a clean cloth to remove the glue.

Which stickers to choose?

To easily decorate your interior in DIY mode, the transfer stickers will be perfect! Unlike stickers that print with water, you simply apply the backing directly to the flat surface before removing the film. Simple and practical, it can be infinitely personalized to match your style exactly.

In addition, you can easily work on your design with several elements since this sticker allows you to position your patterns where you want. In the kitchen, the bathroom, in the living room or in the bedroom, all that remains is to use your imagination! In addition, directly online, professionals offer to personalize your wall stickers with a simple click.