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5 good reasons to use a paper diary

In the digital age, the question often arises, why still use a paper diary instead of using one of these applications known to be very practical and simple? For some of us, the question does not even arise, as these two elements are absolutely not comparable. Paper diaries are more authentic and offer some nice advantages. In addition, the paper format is coming back to the forefront, being more personal and elegant. Let's see in the lines to come, why paper diaries are still so popular with many of us.

1: Writing helps relieve stress

The simple act of writing represents an activity conducive to relaxation and well-being. It forces us to take a break, to take the time to organize our daily lives. Looking at our calendar, we optimally visualize our tasks and organize our days as we see fit. Using pencil and paper for our annotations provides a sense of control over life. Writing on a paper diary requires us to take a few moments away from the hustle and bustle and our screens, for a moment of calm that is rather rare these days. Many people can no longer do without it ^^.

Writing turns out to be a real pleasure. This is why we are seeing more and more new trends appear, such as the bullet journal, 100% customizable and 100% handwritten. Perhaps you can take some inspiration from it when creating your schedule?

2: A paper diary, to better retain information

The brain registers things more when the hand is working, that's a fact. Typing on a keyboard is done mechanically and does not have the ability to activate several parts of our brain. By taking the time to write our own schedule, our To-Do-List, we assimilate the information better. This allows us to naturally exercise our memory, while enjoying exercising our hands! In short, the paper diary has real, significant advantages!

3: A paper diary, always at hand!

If there is one thing that we can notice with the paper diary, it is that it is not at risk of breaking down or running out of battery. By opting for a small format, you will be able to slip it into your bag and therefore have it on hand whenever necessary. You pick up your son from school and he warns you about a school trip? Just grab your notebook and write it down right away. Do you run into friends planning a meal? The diary at your disposal, a pencil and that's it!

4: A diary that only looks like you

By using ready-made applications, you will not be able to add your own personal touch. You will be required to choose a given format, without frills, without your touch which could nevertheless make all the difference. By opting for a paper diary, of course, the traditional background will be required. However, nothing stops you from designing it your way, with the colors of your choice, the annotations that suit you, that only you understand. A paper diary allows you to make room for creativity while organizing your daily life in the best possible way.

5: To keep a nice souvenir

Who has never been nostalgic for times gone by? In the same way, if photos are more touching in paper format, it is the same for all our thoughts and writings. After one or more years, diving back into your past organization will certainly give you pleasure and awaken precious memories and sweet emotions in you. The paper diary you use today will be your new secret garden