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What are transfer stickers?

Much easier to apply than a classic sticker, transfer stickers adapt to any decorative project, including large formats. In addition, it allows you to place several elements next to each other so that they match perfectly. On a travel notebook, in a Bullet Journal, on a mirror, a t-shirt or a wall, there is something for all styles and for all desires! In short, here's why you should fall for this decal like no other!

What are transfer stickers?

Unlike a traditional sticker, transfer stickers do not use water to appear on the support. His secret? Its transparent film allows it to be installed anywhere with maximum adhesion. Much simpler to use, it can therefore allow you to decorate supports which would normally not resist humidity. Cardboard, paper, Bullet Journal... It can be infinitely personalized to suit your desires.

In addition, it is extremely resistant and promises you an unrivaled level of grip. You can therefore use it everywhere, including in the bathroom or kitchen! Perfectly suited for large formats, it is sometimes made up of several elements which will be easily adjustable in relation to each other. In fact, transfer stickers allow you to position your elements according to your wishes so that they perfectly match the desired design. This is particularly the case if you want to print letters or a sentence correctly aligned.

Why use transfer stickers?

Since its appearance, transfer stickers have shaken up the creative routine! From now on, it becomes possible to personalize your travel notebook or meeting notebook with personalized icons, images or stickers. It is also found in the kitchen, whether to display the name of your spices or aromatic herbs on airtight containers. In the bathroom, a small inspiring phrase hung on the mirror will welcome you as soon as you wake up to start the day off on the right foot.

For a significant event, you can also use the transfer stickers during a wedding to personalize your menu, your invitation or your guest book. Finally, the most creative can also try creating unique, tailor-made personalized t-shirts. In short, it's a sticker that knows no limits, except that of your imagination!

How to apply transfer stickers

Do you want to redecorate your entire interior with transfer stickers? Directly online, you will find numerous tutorials which will guide you in applying this sticker. In addition, specialized blogs offer you a practical guide which will accompany you step by step in decaling.

As for choosing it, nothing could be simpler! On the web, many professionals offer you a tailor-made and personalized service. You will therefore be able to choose the size of the transfer stickers, but also its appearance with its colors and design. Among the addresses to remember, Etsy remains the essential address for all budding creatives! In short, all you have to do is look around you and let your imagination run wild!