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Bullet Journal: Taking Usage to the Next Level

No need to explain to you what a bujo is and its daily use. If you are here, it is because you use it every day, but you are looking to optimize it so that it always better meets your expectations. Users for several years, we have put together several ideas to help you organize yourself as well as possible both in your work (professional life) and in your daily and personal life.

Bullet journal and personal life

You probably already have your trackers in place for your activities to follow: household, sleep, sport, medications, readings, weather, etc. Your entire life is archived in your bujo and it works very well. Here are 3 ideas for trackers that you can add or transform according to your needs.

Tracking meals for the week in the bullet journal

The eternal question of meals will quickly become a pleasure to organize. On the one hand, you will be able to deduce the shopping list, but also eat balanced and, above all, varied; both for you and for your family. Monitoring per week is interesting, because it will allow you to anticipate the races...

Meal tracking is a simple tracker to set up, but it still requires culinary creativity . In fact, you need to allow a little time to write down the recipes and ingredients. In this regard, anticipation of meals is important, especially if you have to plan your lunches for work.

Gardening monitoring

Even if you are not lucky enough to have a garden, this tracker can be interesting. Aromatic plants can grow in a pot or in a kitchen without any problem. On a balcony, it is possible to install a mini-greenhouse or let nature provide you with tomatoes on a potted stand. It's for you to see. Know that a gardening tracker is interesting because it can involve the whole family. The magic of nature always amazes children...

Gardening monitoring can be done in different ways, but yours will always be the best since it suits you.

  • Inside: This monitoring can concern your green plants, with monitoring of watering, maintenance, fertilizer, cleaning of leaves, or even replacing the soil. By writing down this information, you can ensure that you take good care of your plants.
  • Outdoors: in a garden, you can create a vegetable garden. Monitoring the vegetable garden allows you to know what you want to plant, when and in what quantity, depending on the space available.
  • On a balcony: potted plants that can live outdoors also require maintenance that is important to respect.

Our advice: choose a color code for better visibility.

The list of crazy ideas or the list of impossible things

On a lighter tone, we have retained a TO DO List of crazy ideas and the list of impossible things. It's surprising and super creative. Writing down unusual and incongruous ideas allows you to boost your creativity.

Example of crazy ideas:

  • jump with both feet into a puddle
  • take a bike ride at night
  • spend a whole day in pajamas and not feel guilty
  • make a painting even if I'm bad at drawing and in this case use stencils
  • start a collection of red pens
  • ...

The list of impossible things is an original and motivating list. Because by completing this list, we quickly realize that the impossibility of achievement can be replaced by organization.

Example of impossible things:

  • Travel around the world in a motorhome for 1 year
  • Climb El Capitan
  • Leave a 100 euro tip for a waiter
  • Earn 5000 euros per month
  • ...

Ready ? Fill! And not setting yourself any limits is what makes this list sparkling and fun.

Bullet journal and professional life

Organization, when you are self-employed (or not), is essential. Without organization, these are problems ahead, and this is not an option, especially if you are building a flawless reputation. So, whether you are a freelancer, craftsman, creator, or consultant, you need an efficient and easily accessible organization.

My freelance life and my bullet journal

When you are a freelancer, you are the sole master, but it requires great discipline and organization to succeed in your profession. Whether you are a web editor, developer, consultant or trainer, you need solid organization.

We therefore suggest that you consider a few trackers in the form of tracking tables:

  • Work in progress with progress level
  • Publication of blog posts, videos or other content
  • Schedule of work that can be carried out in one day
  • Service/product improvement plans
  • ...

My life as an artisan and my bullet journal

As a craftsman, if the internet is not necessarily your cup of tea, organization must be your priority. A bullet journal is a paper tool that can accompany you everywhere and which does not depend on the network (or lack thereof).

It may contain:

  • A monthly, daily, or annual agenda (depending on your needs and the way you work)
  • Work in progress monitoring tables
  • A list of orders/requests (simplified) taken outside of the usual pattern (online, software, etc.) so as not to miss anything
  • Management of current or future projects
  • A turnover monitoring table and associated objectives
  • Monitoring of actions implemented to achieve objectives
  • ...

Use these tools to adapt them. The bullet journal evolves over time and with your needs. Some paintings will be abandoned and others replaced. The very principle of the bullet journal is to change, grow and help you organize yourself, whatever your profession.