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What pages should you create in a bullet journal?

The bullet journal or bujo for those who like diminutives is not a diary like any other. It is a personal and professional organization system that you personalize and adapt to your own logic. Much more than a diary, it is a tool that allows you to increase your productivity while lightening your mental load. The organization of a bullet journal is based on a common base of pages.

The cover page of your bullet journal

Just one piece of advice: treat yourself and give free rein to your creativity.

The Index page

The index is essential, because it will allow you to easily find the different sections of your bujo by indicating the page numbers where they are located. The index page is one of the first that we create, but it is also one of the last that we fill out.

A “Key” page

Thanks to this page, we will list all the signs corresponding to the codes used in bujo .

The annual calendar

You can insert one or more thematic annual calendars :

  • Family calendar
  • School calendar
  • Sports calendar
  • Professional calendar
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Calendar for organizing a wedding

We will indicate the major deadlines, holidays, competitions or travel dates to have an overall vision of the year. You will have the possibility to create your own color code and create symbols.

Collection pages

It is the nerve center of bujo . The collections list all the trackers that we will use and that we will classify by theme:

  • Health : medical appointments, exams, etc.
  • Professional life : meetings, appointments, travel, projects
  • Family : vacations, outings, leisure activities, children’s medical appointments, etc.
  • Personal development: relaxation breaks, meditation, books to read, museums to visit, music to discover…
  • Sport : competitions, training, etc.
  • House : cleaning, work…
  • Savings : loans, budget, no-spending days

These indicators will allow you to really personalize your diary and develop your own organizational plan in order to access your information more easily.

Calendar organization

Organizing a diary is not as easy as you might think. It is necessary to establish a plan beforehand to avoid having to start all over again in the event of a mistake. To do this, you need to be patient, know how you organize yourself, know yourself well and clearly define your needs.

The agenda of a bullet journal is generally organized like this:

  • An annual page with an overview of months and days
  • A cover page for each month
  • A monthly calendar page
  • Trackers of the month
  • Weekly pages (one week on two pages) if you want an overall view of the week
  • Daily pages (one day per page), leaving space for your “to do lists”
  • One or more pages to record notes, positive thoughts, ideas and projects

You will have understood, the bullet journal is organized around this structure, but you are free to complete it, organize it differently, personalize it so that your journal corresponds perfectly to your mode of organization . On the Internet, you will find numerous articles on the subject as well as videos to give you page and graphic design models for your bujo. In craft stores, you will also find everything you need to personalize your journal and let your imagination speak.