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How and why use a bullet journal?

The bullet journal, or bujo, is a method of personal organization that allows you to better manage your daily life by adapting to each personality. This system was developed by Ryder Carroll, a New York designer who defines the bullet journal as “the most effective way to organize your lives and your thoughts”. Beyond creating a personalized diary , it is a real experience which allows you to discover how it works, and to learn to organize yourself according to your own logic by creating an aesthetic tool. Here is a little zoom on the subject.

Why use a bullet journal?

Let's start by asking ourselves why use a bullet journal . Embarking on such a project requires patience, creativity and, above all, organization. It is therefore important to get a little motivation by talking about the benefits of using a bullet journal. As Ryder Carroll explains, for the method to work correctly, you must start by defining yourself and knowing your needs.

Better organize your life

The goal of a bullet journal is to list everything you need to do and more. It is a kind of improved and personalized diary since you will record your appointments, but also your objectives, your “to do lists” as well as many other memos. With keys, or bullets, we will be able to better access our information more quickly .

A tool that evolves

Our way of thinking evolves, as do our needs. It is therefore not surprising that bullet journals will follow one another but will not be the same. As you migrate, you'll likely add something extra or remove keys that no longer serve you. You will notice this even more when you experience major changes in your life that require you to rethink your personal organization, such as a new job, a marriage or the arrival of a child.

Develop your creativity

Creating your own bullet journal also allows you to create a completely personalized and designer DIY diary . You can draw, glue, color, in short! do whatever you want and let your imagination run wild.

Take time for yourself

Another advantage of the bullet journal is that it allows you to take time for yourself and relax. You will thus be organized according to your logic and will manage your daily life with more serenity.

How to create and use a bullet journal?

Creating a bullet journal is quite simple as long as you spend a little time on it.

What are the main pages of a bullet journal?

  • An index that will indicate the main pages of your bullet journal.
  • A “Key” page where we will list all the recurring signs or codes used in the bujo .
  • One or more thematic annual calendars (professional, family, sports, etc.).
  • The collections which are pages which will allow you to develop and follow objectives throughout the year.
  • The calendar

Calendar organization

Organizing a diary is not as easy as you think. To do this, you need a little logic and a good understanding of how you organize yourself. Some people will need monthly calendars to have an overview of things. Others will need a weekly planner or even daily pages for the busiest among us.

In a more concrete way, the agenda of a bullet journal is organized this way.

  • An annual page with an overview of months and days
  • A cover page for each month
  • A monthly calendar page
  • Trackers of the month
  • Weekly or daily pages depending on your needs
  • A page to record different notes, memories, ideas.

A few words about collections and trackers

The collections will allow you to monitor the achievement of your objectives throughout the year. For example, you want to carry out work over several months, monitor a pregnancy, organize a wedding or prepare for a vacation abroad.

This does not prevent you from putting collections every month in your diary which will be made up of different categories of trackers . These trackers can be materialized in mnemonic symbols and appear in the pages of your diary. Here are some theme ideas:

  • Culture: a list of books to read, museums to visit, music to discover or even films to see.
  • Work: appointments, “to do lists”, meetings, ideas…
  • Savings: Monthly budgets, no-spend day, credits
  • Health: treatments, appointments…
  • Family: birthdays, important dates, medical appointments, gift ideas
  • Routines: beauty, sport…
  • House: cleaning, work, repairs, car…

For some, all you need is a pen and a blank book. For others, there are ready-made bullet journals. Finally, for the most inspired, take a look at the craft stores, you will find many decorative elements for your bujo .