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The book Draeger: The Golden Pages of Publishing, tells the story of Charles Draeger, apprentice, worker, prote (foreman) then master printer who sets up on his own, and assisted by Amélie, courageous and determined wife went with his three sons to develop a company that the American graphic magazines of 1914 designated as the best in Europe.

In the interwar period, with the Draegers we participated in the development of quality and luxury, we built advertising and graphic design reached perfection, before gradually giving way to advertising photography.

With the 301 process Draeger achieved a realism which still commands our admiration today. The 232 pages of the book are illustrated with 530 documents which show a profession which had evolved little since Gutenberg and which 90 years later will be swept away by the digital revolution.

Product Details

  • 232 pages.
  • Format: 280 x 300 mm French style.
  • Cover covering printed in full color on silver foil.
  • Satin anti-scratch lamination.
  • Installation of a black wire cutter.
  • Paper: Tatami Natural White 150g, equivalent to 180g.
  • Manufacturing: sewn square back.
  • Publisher Draeger la Carterie Paris.


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