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How to make a bullet journal?

Do you know the concept of bullet journal ? Very trendy lately, the bullet journal is on everyone's lips and comes from the United States. Resembling a diary, it cannot however be associated with the latter, its principle being very different. What is a bullet journal for? How to create one? The answers to your questions in the lines to come!

The bullet journal, this friend who wishes you well

To put it simply, a bullet journal is all about getting organized and taking notes without any restrictions. The bullet journal simplifies your daily life by welcoming within its pages all your ideas, your tasks to be carried out, your professional or personal meetings, as well as your little eccentricities. The bullet journal will be your daily partner. Always stored in your bag, it adapts to your life and evolves with you.

The bullet journal allows its user to better organize their daily life, optimize their productivity, become more aware of their availability and better perceive the important things from the things that are not. The bullet journal is an organizational tool and is truly the ideal solution for learning to prioritize certain facts and plan your days as best as possible.

How to create a bullet journal?

Would you also like to have your own bullet journal? To do this, the first thing to do is to get an absolutely blank notebook. Designer or simple cover, it's up to you to choose according to your personal tastes. Following this, here are some steps allowing you to prepare your journal which will then be operational to accommodate all your thoughts.

First of all, remember to equip yourself properly. Fine markers, highlighters, colors, stencils, stamps, stickers, masking tape, etc. Your journal should be artistic, cheerful and pleasant to look at!

1: Create an index

Your index will be located on the first double page of your notebook . This is where you will have to create your “directory” and enter the subjects covered in the pages to come. On the next double page, create a caption in which you will take care to note your abbreviations and other small signs that you will write in your journal. This summary will be very useful to you as you use your notebook.

2: Number your pages

After leaving at least 3 pages intended to accommodate your index and your legends, start numbering the pages of your notebook. This may seem like a long time to complete, but will be very practical for later events. This numbering will allow you to find your way very quickly and easily. When you create a specific page, all you have to do is add it to your index by specifying its page number.

3: The calendar

On the following pages, create your calendar. Depending on preferences, some will opt for an annual calendar, for others, it will be a matter of making way for a spacious and detailed monthly calendar. We advise you to go with the idea of ​​month by month or week by week to get something light and airy. On the left-hand pages, you can then write down the days, leaving several lines to note your appointments and other things to do, on the left-hand page, you can write down other objectives/ideas. The bullet journal being very personal, it's up to you to organize it as you see fit.

4: Think about your “Collections”

The collections will be located on the free pages (following a monthly schedule, for example). These “collections” will have different names and will group together tasks and notes. They can present your list of “Books to read”, “Series or films to watch”, “Cultural visits to plan”, in short, the objectives that you give yourself for the weeks to come.

5: Don't forget to personalize your bujo!

Don't forget that on each page, you are free to add your personal touch! Draw, create, imagine , etc., don’t deprive yourself! Your bullet journal belongs only to you, so it must reflect you!

Do we really need a bullet journal?

To answer this question, you must first take stock of your habits:

  • Do you like to write? Write down certain things?
  • Do you find yourself forgetting certain appointments due to lack of organization?
  • Do you like to follow new trends?
  • Are you a fan of To-Do-Lists?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, there is a good chance that this journal will satisfy you! If it’s a “yes” to all 4 points, then bullet journaling is for you! All you have to do is adopt it as quickly as possible!