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Bullet Journal: Try this personalized method to get organized!

Your brain is a wonderful tool, but with everything you have to manage on a daily basis, you can't rely on it to manage your entire organization. Some people like to rely on applications, but perhaps you are more of a fan of the good old notebook and its paper support ?

No more notifications, emails, interruptions and constant distractions, the Bullet Journal could well become your best organizational tool thanks to a personalized space to save time and be more efficient!

What is Bullet Journaling?

The Bullet Journal is an organizational method that comes straight from the United States: Ryder Caroll founded this technique to help him concentrate more and be more productive.

He presents the Bullet Journal as a “ mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system ” aimed at allowing its user to live a full, balanced and productive life . In short, it is a personal organization to manage your time.

So, an organizational method, very good, but what does it look like in practice?

Where can I buy a Bullet Journal?

Absolutely anywhere .

Indeed, a Bullet Journal is a method using a product from a given brand. It is ultimately just a simple journal , a notebook, a notebook. No particular brand or format, the essence of the Bullet Journal method does not lie in its support.

If you nevertheless want a reference, the Bullet Journalists ' favorite tool is the Leuchtturm1917 A5 , dotted and with numbered pages, you can easily find it online. But keep in mind that any notebook is enough since you are the one who will build your organization from A to Z, which will allow you to become more efficient !

How to fill out a Bullet Journal

How to fill this notebook then? It will be up to you to decide according to what you want, to adapt it if this or that page does not suit you. This is the major strength of the Bullet Journal!

Some people will like to organize their year to do more sport and will thus have dedicated pages each month to note their session.

Others may incorporate calendar pages to get rid of their calendar and stop multiplying media.

To quickly get an idea of ​​what a Bullet Journal can look like, Pinterest can be a very good place to start. You will be able to see Bullet Journals which are real works of art or on the contrary very minimalist, there is something for everyone, everyone adapts their notebook as they want ! Originally, the Bullet Journal is extremely minimalist in its appearance.

Like any organization method, you have to try it to find out if it suits you! The big advantage of the Bullet Journal is that you can shape it as you wish.