Boy's bedroom stickers are an ideal decorative solution for personalizing your child's private space. Depending on his passions, and as he grows, you choose from a wide selection of decorative elements, as varied as they are wonderful! Easy to apply, these adhesives also peel off without leaving a trace: ideal for decorating the room without hassle, and changing the decor as often as your son likes! The decorative sticker is also an original gift idea for a birth or a birthday, think about it... To make the right choice when making your purchase, follow the guide!


Are you moving into a new house and want to leave your design mark on it with stickers for a boy's bedroom? Are you expecting a baby and are you busy preparing their cozy and cozy space? Does your teenager want to update the decor of their room to impress their friends? There are decorative wall stickers for every age, and their advantages are enough to seduce you... The proof!

Wall adhesive as a very personal touch to transform a room!

Adhesive is the best alternative for large jobs. Without any materials or skills, in no time and at a low cost, you transform a room into the image of its main occupant...

- Are you hesitant about repainting a wall to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to your son's sleep? Prefer the sticker to the paint! Stars on the ceiling to help you fall asleep, a few clouds on the wall adjacent to your child's bed, his favorite heroes to populate your little boy's dreams... there's no shortage of ideas. Less definitive, quicker to implement, wall adhesive also has the advantage of waking up a decoration that is too sober, to add a touch of originality!

- You're not very handy? Rather than trying in vain to hang posters or other decorative accessories on the walls – at the risk of making unsightly holes when you rearrange the room – opt for wall stickers for your boy's room. In their fun versions, these stickers which leave no mark, for example, are a wonderful replacement for a wall-mounted slate board . Ideal for small spaces, these decorative elements do not take up floor space unlike furniture – and are distinguished by their affordable price, adapted to your budget! Note: make the decor evolve over time. Easily find wall stickers for the bedroom of a 7 year old or 15 year old boy from a wide selection. The wall slate, beyond its decorative aspect, combines fun with practicality: your child enjoys writing their favorite quotes on it, or a few messages to gently pass on to you...

- Do you need to visually separate the play and work spaces in your son's room? The wall adhesive can act as a partition without having to undertake major work. A world map above the desk and an adhesive quote next to the dressing room, for example, help to clearly demarcate spaces. Do your children share the same room and want to assert their individuality? Each child's favorite hero stuck above the bed, a measuring rod per child... once again the choice is vast! Give free rein to your creativity…


The advantage of self-adhesive decoration: you give free rein to your imagination and let your son's creativity express itself! No installation and removal constraints, no space constraints, no rules. Some tips to perfect the atmosphere and offer you a successful decoration in your child's room:

- Look at the size of the adhesive before purchasing! Is the room large? Choose an XXL model to adapt to the dimensions of the room. A small format will be better suited to small areas. Whatever its size, the sticker gives pep to the room, and your child will be amazed!

- Where applicable, harmonize with existing decoration. This includes the right choice of colors. Know that pastel tones promote serenity, while bright colors encourage action. For example, you can reserve a sky blue model in the sleeping area, and focus on a palette of bright tones in the work space... It's up to you to draw from an astonishing palette of intoxicating shades!

- Don't just decorate the walls. The advantage of adhesives: they stick to any surface. Windows, ceiling and even furniture: all eccentricities are allowed, it's time to innovate and shine with your creative spirit!


The choice of adhesive wall decoration to transform and personalize the space dedicated to your child is vast... Refine your search by drawing from these ideas for essential models, delight in the end!


As a gift idea on the birth list, or simply to please yourself while waiting for the arrival of your little one, decorate your baby boy's room with stickers. Focus on softness and tenderness, to welcome your child and awaken him to the world in the best conditions... Cocooning and comfort are essential!

We particularly like: the parachute bear . This little bear crosses the clouds to land peacefully in your child's room, guided by his bird companion. Irresistible companions! The advantage of this model: this sticker, specifically adapted to windows, is repositionable, it's up to you to freely determine the location of the different elements that compose it, and it's up to you to create the scene of your choice!


In the same style, animal stickers for baby boys' rooms come in an exotic and brightly colored version . Funny giraffes and monkeys visit your little one, creating a fun and joyful atmosphere!

And because there is no age limit for loving animals, give your child the opportunity to display their favorite companions on the walls over time. The animals of Noah's ark for a colorful touch to the walls of his room, a flock of birds for a poetic touch, a toucan or a pink flamingo to be on trend, marine mammals to satisfy the curiosity of your apprentice oceanographer: there is something for everyone, at all stages of your boy's development!


What could be more original than decorating the windows of your son's living space with repositionable stickers? It’s an opportunity to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside the room! A resplendent sun displayed in the window to compensate for the lack of light in the room, your boy's bedroom decor with colorful rain and cloud stickers to transform bad weather into magic: to you – and your child! - to choose…

The tip: these models specially designed to be placed on a window stick to all glass surfaces. Why not decorate a mirror, or decorate a shower screen? Focus on originality to personalize your boy's room and make him feel good there every day!


Your boy's room is his refuge, he can hide away from the hustle and bustle of the house to find his bearings and indulge in his favorite activities and hobbies. To please him, let him display his favorite heroes on the wall! The Lion King, Cars, Planes or even Mickey and his friends will delight your little one. The bedroom decor of a pre-teen on the theme of superheroes, these are Batman, Wonderwoman or Superman stickers out of your field of vision and which will delight your son! Use your little boy's favorite characters to decorate the walls of his room. Whatever your choice, there is no doubt that your son will be surprised by the gift you have in store for him...


Do you live in town? Is your urban environment suffocating you? Is city life frustrating your child? Give him a little nature!

We particularly like: tree stickers for boys' rooms . Because they announce spring at any time of the year, because they invite daydreaming, because their soft colors soothe and amaze your young child...


A large-format map of the world displayed in the office corner of your boy's room will help him revise his geography lessons while awakening his instincts as a budding little explorer! Self-adhesive tags on the bedroom door mean giving free rein to your artistic impulses without damaging the walls: a future artist in the making? Depending on your current desires, adapt the decoration of your room easily, quickly and at a lower cost thanks to wall adhesives.


Has your child been a fan of vehicles since he was a baby? No longer have room for a new toy car in your toy box? To respect their tastes, rely on wall stickers. Truck stickers in the room of your boy who is a fan of machinery, car stickers for the room of your boy who loves everything that rolls, a bus for a city atmosphere, let mechanics invade his space!

The decorative possibilities offered by wall stickers are endless. Browse a surprising catalog, to offer you the choice of a multitude of models and delight your son by finding the style that will meet his expectations...