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World map stickers take you back to your most beautiful memories, while enhancing your biggest dreams. Let yourself be transported off the oceans, crossing continents to reach the most beautiful islands on the planet... Decorate with a decor full of imagination and exploration: to install in your living room or in your bedroom, escape according to your desires!


Travel and decoration are two passions shared by a huge part of the population. Is this your case? What if you brought them together in one and the same element! The Mappemonde sticker decoration was designed for this. Offer a new touch of beauty to your interior while letting yourself dream of a future world tour...


Are you going to make your dream trip a reality soon? Do you think about it every day? Treat yourself to the World Map wall sticker and get a little closer to this wonderful journey... Don't hesitate to mark this destination with a touch of color. So, as you pass by it every morning, your joy and excitement will only increase tenfold!

Travel the planet while staying at home. From city to city and from country to country, dare to go on big expeditions thanks to world map stickers... Explore every corner of the planet from your living room or bedroom. Treat yourself to a sweet moment of escape every day!

As a true globetrotter, your list of visited countries grows at lightning speed. Sometimes, during dinners with friends, you even forget certain destinations. Between Greece, Italy, Japan and even Iceland, it's difficult to remember all these sumptuous memories... Thanks to world map stickers, this no longer happens to you! Install your new decoration in just a few minutes. Next, get some pretty pins. All you have to do is mark all the places you have already discovered! Do not hesitate to operate by color coding. A color for countries you have already visited. Then a second for all those you want to discover in the near future... Make your interior a real invitation to travel, decorate it with the image of your passion and travel at every moment...


You make a point of paying particular attention to the aesthetics of your interior. According to you, decoration is an essential factor in the well-being of your home. At the dawn of almost every season, the desire for change arises and you want to modify your entire appearance... To do this, decorative adhesives are perfect! Within a very reasonable budget, they are installed in no time and removed without leaving a trace. The world of travel being more trendy than ever, succumb to world map stickers without risk!

The Mappemonde wall sticker matches all decor styles thanks to its neutral tones and fine lines. It is ideal for your living room or bedroom, for example. If you have an office area, it will be optimal close to it. Treat yourself to a sweet escape by admiring your new decor for a break... For a moment, dare to imagine your family vacation or your next romantic weekend, escape to the seaside or top of a mountain. The time to return to work has come, you have stocked up on motivation! Inevitably, your efficiency is then at its maximum!


The sobriety and elegance of these decorative wall stickers are ideal for an adult's bedroom: fall asleep and wake up in a soft, intoxicating atmosphere... Each night is a peaceful invitation to travel, each awakening is a new conquest filled escape! Discover the whole world from your room!

The neutrality of this adhesive, moreover, lends itself perfectly to a newborn's room. Whether or not you know the sex of the future baby, the delicate colors of these world map stickers blend with purity into his or her future room. Your baby wakes up and flourishes from birth in an atmosphere cradled in charm and serenity...

Its trendy feature will delight your teenager! At an age where fashion plays an essential role, your child must be able to express themselves and flourish to the rhythm of their tastes. Moreover, at the heart of the news, the theme of travel and expedition is experiencing unprecedented success! By selecting world map stickers, you cannot make a mistake. Young girl or boy, your teenager is now delighted by his new world.


Are you looking for an unusual gift idea for a specific event? Are you invited to dinner and want to thank your host in an original way? Or, quite simply, do you want to treat yourself to a little pleasure? For all these reasons, the travel-themed adhesive decoration is a delicious touch.


Giving yourself nice gifts is a great way to treat yourself. After all, there is no need to wait for a special occasion to find joy! Have you ever thought about adhesive decoration? Infinitely customizable, you find what you're looking for in just one click.

And why not let yourself be tempted by the Mappemonde model? Like a gallant suggestion to travel, let yourself be transported according to your desires and your thoughts...

A bit playful, let chance decide your next vacation destination. Obtain the world map stickers and install them in the desired location. Secondly, close your eyes and point your finger towards it completely instinctively. Open your eyes and discover the destination of your future trip... This game is an excellent tip for organizing your next family vacation! Intertwine destiny and adventure through an activity full of mystery and surprises…


Whatever the reason for your present, wall stickers are an original idea that pleases every time. For a birthday, a birth gift, or simply to spoil those around you, opt for self-adhesive decoration! The choice of models is immense. So you can easily find something to satisfy your loved ones. The great thing about the world map is that you can't go wrong. World map stickers appeal to everyone and blend with many decorative styles with precision and finesse.

Have you decided to offer a trip to your partner or a member of your family? What a wonderful idea! To match this sumptuous gift, you need a grandiose announcement... Forget the envelope with the plane tickets hidden inside. Prefer the World Map sticker! Once received, mark the destination with the symbol of your choice. Then prepare a pretty gift package around it and present it to the person concerned. Delighted by this delicate thoughtfulness, the latter's gaze will immediately be attracted by the drawn symbol... Then make him guess the real gift, the surprise will be incredible and happiness guaranteed!

Even before setting off to conquer your next destination, you have already created an unforgettable memory…

Between Africa, America and Asia, offer yourself new horizons thanks to world map stickers. While staying at home, enjoy the immensity of the planet! Don't be afraid to dream anymore and build your most beautiful memories now...