Trying stickers means adopting them! They dress up your interior in an original way and revolutionize uniform white walls, for a very personal touch in your home...

Have you just moved into a new home but your renovation budget is limited? Adhesives are an ingenious solution to give a decorative touch to your interior without breaking the bank. They save you from having to tackle the chore of painting or wallpapering, and costly renovation work. Practical, varied, economical, inspiring... these self-adhesive elements are the assets of a particularly original decoration to delight you every day!


These small and large adhesives are both trendy and timeless. Indeed, they allow you to combine an air of modernity with more classic notes with, for example, sketches by contemporary artists in your office and a beautiful wall orchid in your living room. With a wide choice of characters and artists' drawings, quotes, urban or “nature” settings, and children's drawings, there is something for everyone in our sticker collection . In different sizes and varied shapes, you have no risk of getting bored. Depending on your mood, you can choose the format, color and theme suited to the room in the house you want to decorate. Give free rein to your creativity, stickers allow all fantasies!


If you are renting, you couldn't dream of better than decorative adhesives to dress up your interior since this fun invention saves you from making holes in your walls, which you would have to fill in before your departure...

Although they adapt to all your spaces, it is however necessary to first check the dimensions of the models you choose and compare them to the place where you want to stick them. They can sometimes appear larger than they really are. If you want to be sure that they fit perfectly in the place you have planned, to achieve the desired effect, remember to check beforehand that the dimensions match. In addition, if you are not sure of the final result or if you are unsure about the position in which you want to fix your adhesive, try different poses by adding pieces of tape to the adhesive before removing it permanently from its support.


Before installing your decorative elements, it is necessary to take some basic precautions when preparing the support. Clean the surface that will receive the adhesive with a dry cloth or a damp sponge and soapy water, then wipe it dry with a cloth. If it's a window, degrease it with a little alcohol. However, if you have recently repainted your walls, it is strongly recommended to wait several days before installing, so that adhesion is optimal. Too much rush could cause blisters and your sticker to peel off...

Simple and quick to apply, the adhesives can be stuck and removed very easily without damaging your supports. Little tip to remove them more easily: heat them to medium temperature with a hairdryer for a few minutes.


The advantage of wall stickers is that they allow you to personalize each of your rooms, from the bedroom to the living room including the bathroom . If it is very likely that you prefer a soft and serene atmosphere in your bedroom to fall asleep peacefully, why not add more pep to your kitchen?


As a return to the traditions of yesteryear, you can adorn the top of your worktop or your kitchen furniture with kitchen stickers representing fun objects or accessories . There is also a wide choice of texts to stick on walls and jars. Result: a living room with enhanced decoration in the style of your choice!


On a door, in a hallway or even in the office, dare to use colors and originality!

The very fun dancing dogs atmosphere stickers, with a quirky spirit, restore energy and invite movement, with their warm colors and funny dancing shapes.

In another style, quote wall stickers can be placed in your office or above a bed, for example, to influence your mood in a positive way. Thus, the words of Voltaire, Apollinaire or Einstein are capable of inspiring your daily life...

In a more urban and ultra-modern genre, with its gold color, the legendary skyline of New York & Paris is an invitation to travel. These wall stickers fit perfectly above a chest of drawers, a low sideboard, or even as an extension of a bookcase.

The advantage of adhesives is that they allow you to indulge in whatever you want, take advantage of it…


Living in the city can sometimes cause stress and inconveniences linked to noise and urban pollution. To change your environment in the blink of an eye, bring a little nature into your home. In addition to decorating your interior, plants and flowers bring an invigorating breath of oxygen! Nothing like a little chlorophyll to revitalize you after a day of work... All without the hassle of watering!


Classic or more girly, flower stickers go everywhere and adapt to all rooms, whatever their size. Easily adaptable to your spaces, they brighten up your walls and can be discreet... They enhance dull furniture or uniform walls with their shine and colors.


If you need a little greenery, fern leaves placed on your bathroom window will give you a country feel. These electrostatic nature stickers can be installed and removed in the blink of an eye: practical and aesthetic, they have everything to seduce you!

Want exoticism or zenitude? Opt for bamboo! A change of scenery guaranteed with these regenerating bamboo and pebble stickers. They can be placed in a bedroom, a veranda, a bathroom, and in any place chosen to relax. It’s a real invitation to serenity which immediately sets the tone of your room…

In the same spirit, the jungle toucan sticker brings your interior a picturesque atmosphere, full of freshness, with its banana and coconut leaves. Accompanied by a melody of birdsong and other jungle animals, you will believe you are in the tropics from the comfort of your home!

With a different objective but still in the spirit of nature, the tree-shaped height chart sticker will replace in a much more original and more aesthetic way the unsightly marks that can be found on the frames of bedroom doors. child . Because watching your baby grow is priceless and so that their growth remains engraved in memories, this model is a beautiful alliance of nature and pragmatism at all stages of life...


For children, there is no shortage of ideas and decorating is a lot of fun, giving you the opportunity to return to your childhood!

Shimmering and personified stickers will help all dreams come true by immersing your children in the world of their favorite superheroes or wonderful princesses. By recreating these magical worlds for them, you will have the pleasure of seeing their eyes light up with happiness...

For the little ones, adorable animal stickers, fun and colorful, bring warmth and good humor to the rooms. Both discreet and original, the two-part animal-themed sticker model can replace a wall fresco, place on a toy box or a cupboard. These children's stickers are an excellent original gift idea to change traditional birth clothes...


Fire trucks or racing cars? It's well known that little boys are generally fascinated by cars. A fun way to satisfy this passion in terms of decoration is to recreate the magic of Disney outside the screens, with the Cars stickers . With this three-panel adhesive, you reproduce the world of Cars in XXL size in your child's bedroom or in the playroom. He will be the envy of his little friends...

With a very wide choice, decorative adhesives allow you to play on the atmosphere of your interior by personalizing each of your rooms. Very trendy and economical, it's a way of combining fun and aesthetics. We never tire !