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What is a canvas print?

To decorate your walls in an original and refined way, canvas printing is essential! Concretely, it involves transforming your photography into an artist's canvas to highlight it. Easy to install since it is created without a frame, your painting can be personalized with a wide choice of sizes and shapes. In short, here's why you should fall for this decorative essential!

What is canvas printing?

Canvas printing allows you to print your personal photos on canvas for painting. Rather than opting for glossy paper, you choose an ink result for a breathtaking result worthy of the greatest artists. Concerning the technique used, professionals often use a linen or cotton canvas. Then they coat it with a glue which serves to fill the holes and make the surface completely smooth and homogeneous.

Thanks to digital printing, the photo is printed directly on the support with different types of ink which bring out the details. As with a painter's canvas, your photo is then mounted on a wooden frame which will stretch it for an impeccable result. Much simpler and less expensive than photo printing, it's a little decorative touch to showcase your personal photos in the best possible way!

What are the advantages of printing on canvas?

Unlike a photo print, printing on canvas does not necessarily require a frame. On the contrary, in the raw version, you will have the impression of buying an artist's painting! However, framing remains possible if you wish to add this type of finish.

In addition, professionals in the field assure you of a high quality result with a canvas and colors that resist both time and wear. With an incredible richness in detail, the result is breathtaking and seems straight out of a workshop. Do you need special dimensions? Printing a photo on canvas adapts to all your desires. Square, small, large, rectangular… You can even opt for a canvas wall if that is your wish.

Infinitely customizable, a simple click is enough to choose the option that suits you in the configurator made available to you. In addition, thanks to canvas printing sold online, you can even refine the style of your photography by playing with a system of filters and colors. In short, it’s a wonderful gift to give yourself or your loved ones!

What style is personalized canvas printing?

The great strength of canvas printing is that it adapts to all styles! For a retro decor, all you have to do is work on your photo so that it appears in an aged appearance. The streets of an old town with a sepia filter, a bicycle ride, a bouquet of wild flowers... By personalizing the print, you awaken your creativity!

For fans of the minimalist trend, this is a perfect printing system! By transforming your souvenir photos into black and white, you can create a real personal picture on your walls while enhancing your decor. Finally, all mothers can also treat themselves to a soft canvas print that will brighten up their baby's room! In short, all you have to do is let yourself be tempted by this essential trend.