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What materials for scrapbooking?

To get started in scrapbooking , you need a minimum of equipment! So obviously, it depends on your creative projects, but there are still certain essentials to know. In short, discover a small, practical list of basic and decorative tools!

Basic tools to start scrapbooking

In the basic tools to start scrapbooking, here is a small practical list which is infinitely available depending on your desires and your projects!

The pencil and the scrap eraser

If there's one basic tool you should have to get started with scrapbooking, it's a pencil and eraser! Drawing marks, making mistakes, writing for the first time with a pencil... It's a minimal investment for maximum time savings.

Scrap scissors

The other essential is scissors! Without them, no cutting, no retouching and obviously, no customization. In addition, you will easily find scissors specially dedicated to scrapbooking for much more precise and extremely fine cuts.

The guillotine

If you want to get started in card making, then the paper trimmer is the tool you need! Unlike scissors, it promises clean and precise cuts.

The scrap scalpel

Next to the cutter, the scalpel remains much more manageable. In addition, to start scrapbooking, you can have fun by choosing different shapes and sizes for super-worked cutouts.

A double-sided scrap adhesive

To avoid paper curling because of the glue, double-sided adhesive will be your best weapon! Photos, letters, drawings... It adapts to everything and promises you a result that doesn't budge.

Liquid glue

For small decorative elements, liquid glue is perfectly suited! Here again, when you are new to scrapbooking, be wary of basic glue which will tend to bleed and cause your creations to warp.

The cutting mat

Finally, and to avoid small accidents, the cutting mat is essential! When you start out in scrapbooking, you often tend to forget that strokes with a scalpel or glue can considerably damage the surface of a desk. So to avoid this kind of experience, don’t hesitate to invest!

Decoration to start scrapbooking

Just like tools, basic decoration materials are almost essential in scrapbooking. Again, this is a list that is intended to be general to adapt to most of your creative projects!

Scrapbook paper

Who says scrapbooking necessarily says paper! It is even the basis of this creative hobby. Textured, plain, patterned… There is something for all tastes and desires.


Embellishments refer to small decorations made of felt, wood, cardboard, etc. In short, anything that can adorn your creations to add relief and depth.

Scrap stickers

Gone are the days of water stickers! Today, there is the transfer sticker, much simpler to apply. In addition, it can be infinitely personalized and matches your theme exactly.

Stamps and scrap inks

For stamps, you will often have the choice between wooden stamps or clear stamps. Their strong point? They bring a decorative touch to all your creations, especially if you want to add typography.

Scrap' punches

When you're starting out in scrapbooking, a punch is almost essential. Thanks to it, you can cut out small shapes to stick directly on your decorative project.

The masking tape

Often confused with basic tape, masking tape promises you many surprises! To get started in scrapbooking, you can treat yourself with a multitude of patterns that allow you to add a touch of pep to your photos, to your borders or simply to hide a little mistake.